Recommended Browsers for Mercury Network

Just like other online software tools, Mercury Network, VMP XSites, and VMP Client are built using web standards and can run on any device with a modern web browser.


Microsoft regularly discontinues support for older versions of their browsers.

Click here to learn more from Microsoft's website.

Mercury Network's website for Vendors and Lenders is supported on the following web browsers. Follow the hyperlinks below to be directed to their websites for downloads, updates, or more information.

Lenders or AMCs with a VMP XSite:

Internet Explorer is the only browser fully supported by our VMP XSite. In order to access all of the Business Management features, we recommend you use Internet Explorer exclusively.


Whichever browser you choose, we highly recommend that you regularly check for updates. It is best to update to the newest versions, as all browsers consistently release updates and fixes to their platforms to make sure the websites you visit display correctly.

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Recommended Browsers for Mercury Network

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The Big Picture

This is a list of browsers that work best with Mercury Network and our online solutions.