How do Mercury Network transaction fee refunds work?

There is a per-order transaction fee required to use the Mercury Network.  Typically, you're responsible for the transaction fee unless your client agrees to pay the fee beforehand.  The transaction fee is completely separate from the fee that you typically charge for the order.

Your card will only be charged (or credited) once per day, for orders that were placed the prior day from 12:00AM CST to 11:59PM CST.  If you're processing multiple orders in the same day, the total of your transaction fees will be combined and applied to the credit card.

If you had an order refunded, we'll give you a credit on your account for the amount of the order.  If any new orders come in before your credit card is charged/refunded, we automatically pull from the credit on your account to cover the cost of the new order.

To see a history of your Mercury Network invoices, simply log in to and click Account in the top toolbar.  Then, choose the tab in the Payment History section that corresponds to the information that you want.  Click here for more information.

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When you'll receive a refund if an order is canceled on Mercury Network

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This document explains how the refund process works with Mercury Network.