EVF Lenders: Request a fee quote for an appraisal from an AMC

Mercury Network allows a lender using the Mercury EVF platform to request a fee quote for an appraisal from an AMC. After the AMC submits a quote, the lender has the ability to convert the quote directly into a firm order.

To activate the fee quote request feature, please contact your account representative or send an e-mail request to integrationsupport@mercuryvmp.com.

Placing a quote request

When the quote feature is active, a new option for Order Type will appear on the client order form. Enter the required Property and Assignement Information associated with the request. Then, set the Order Type to 'Quote Request'. When you select next and confirm, a quote request will be sent following your configured assignment rules.

View existing quote requests

Quote requests will appear in a special 'Appraisal Fee Quotes' folder on the Orders page for easy access.

Quote request states

A quote request can be in one of three possible states.

  • Quote Pending - the request has been sent and a response has not yet been received
  • Quote Complete - the AMC has submitted a quote for the request
  • Quote Converted - the quote has been accepted and converted to an appraisal order

View and convert a quote

When a quote has been received and is in the Quote Complete status, you can select the quote request from the orders page to access the request details. On the details page, a new 'View Quote' option allows you to view the submitted quote. When selected, the 'View quote' dialog will appear.

If your client has agreed to proceed with ordering the appraisal, you can select the 'Convert' button on the View Quote dialog and the quote request will be converted to an appraisal order with the quoting AMC.

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This document explains how an EVF lender can request a fee quote from an AMC.

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The Big Picture

An EVF lender can request a quoted fee for a property appraisal from an AMC via Mercury Network.