EVF AMC: Submit a fee quote to a lender

Mercury Network allows a lender using the Mercury EVF platform to request a fee quote for an appraisal from an EVF AMC. When the AMC is assigned the quote request, notification will be provided and the request will appear in a new folder for 'Fee Quotes' in the AMC Business Management interface.

Viewing a quote request

When the 'Fee Quotes' folder is selected, quote requests from the last 90 days will be displayed. Quote requests can be in one of three possible states.

  • Quote Pending - quote request received and awaiting response
  • Quote Complete - a quote has been provided for the request
  • Quote Converted - the quote has been accepted and converted to an appraisal order

Submitting a quote

When you select a request in the 'Quote Pending' status, you have the ability to review and submit a quote. If you are integrated with the FeeRocket® service, the request can be fulfilled automatically by FeeRocket®.

To manually submit a quote for the request, select the 'Submit Quote' option and provide your response in the dialog.

Quote request history

During the quoting process, Mercury Network maintains a complete history of the activity.

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This document explains how an EVF AMC can review and submit a quote to fulfill a request.

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This document outlines how an EVF AMC can review and fulfill a quote request made by an EVF lender.