Vendors: How to setup your account for commercial orders

To make yourself available to receive commercial orders and commercial bidding opportunities through Mercury Network, you need to indicate which commercial products you offer. From within your Mercury Network account, visit the Profile or Users section.

Click here to learn how to respond to a commercial bidding opportunity.

In this area, select the Products tabs and then select the Commercial Appraisal tab.

Simply check the Offer box next to each commercial product you offer.

Since, commercial appraisal product fees can vary, Mercury Network will know you offer a commercial product based on the status of the Offer checkbox. You may enter an optional fee, if you wish. Additionally, you can enter any fee notes you wish a lender or AMC to review when selecting you for an order or bidding opportunity.

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This document explains how an appraiser sets up their account for commercial products.

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  • Created: 12/10/2015 KDH

The Big Picture

To indicate which commercial products an appraiser offers, they simply need to check the 'Offer' box next to the products they support.