Release Notes

Mercury Network 3.0 – July 27, 2010 Update

This update contains improvements throughout Mercury Network, VMP XSites, and Appraiser XSites.

Mercury Network Order Management

  • New Feature:  A new QuickLists feature is now available.  QuickLists allow the creation of groups of standard text for order form and comment fields to improve efficiency.  For instance, you can use QuickLists to standardize your list of lenders so that a lender can be added to an order with a few clicks rather than retyping it each time.  QuickLists can also be used to standardize your responses to certain statuses rather than typing the text each time.  Click here to view the QuickLists section of the Mercury Network manual for more information.
  • New Feature:  VMP XSite customers will now have several new options when marking an order as complete.  Orders can now be marked as complete without updating the VMP XSite client.  The completed report as well as the included invoice and compliance certificate can be attached to the notification e-mail that goes to the VMP XSite client as well as the additional recipients.  Note:  Sending the appraisal in an unsecure e-mail can introduce compliance issues for the lender.  Usage of this feature should be verified by the lender.
  • A link to the new Mercury Network QuickStart Guide has been added.
  • Clients will now be prompted to enter a new due date when assigning an order to an appraiser if the current due date is in the past.
  • All reports delivered to Mercury Network will now go into the "Pending Quality Review" status if the customer also uses a VMP XSite regardless of where the order was originated.
  • Deleting multiple orders simultaneously now works in Firefox.
  • Clients can now use the Send Message feature to communicate with the appraiser after the order is cancelled or completed.
  • Changing the Order Group assigned will now verify the selected appraiser is a member of the newly assigned Order Group.
  • Clients can now use the Send Message feature when an order is in the Awaiting Acceptance status.
  • The Find box now remembers the previous Starts With or Contains selection.
  • When entering a new order or editing an existing order, the phone numbers entered into the Contact and Access Information section are now validated.
  • When a document or completed appraisal is deleted from an order that originated on a VMP XSite, there is a new option to delete the same document from the corresponding VMP XSite order.
  • After a client proposes new order assignment conditions to the appraiser (prior to order acceptance), the appraiser now has a defined amount of time to accept or decline the conditions before the order assignment expires.
  • Mercury Network will now attempt to validate subject address data with USPS records, and suggest changes where appropriate.
  • Sending the completed appraisal to the borrower via the Send to Borrower status no longer displays an error message.
  • The Mercury Network transaction fee is now automatically refunded if the order is cancelled after the appraiser has accepted the order assignment.  The refund to the appraiser will be processed within 1 business day after the cancellation.  The refund to the client will be included in the client’s Julyly invoice.
  • Client phone numbers that include an extension now display properly on Mercury Network orders.
  • When the Past Due Reminder status is sent to the appraiser, it will no longer indicate that it was sent by the appraiser.

Mercury Network Preferences

  • New Feature:  This update introduces a new VMP XSites configuration option under the Preferences menu.  VMP XSite customers can configure their product lists as well as a custom VMP XSite order form.  Customers can now choose to hide or change the label on a field by field basis as well as default the text inside of a field on the order form.  Future updates will include more enhancements.
  • Resolved an issue that could cause some appraisers to be excluded when placing an order using the Require Fees within Range option inside Appraiser Selection Settings.

VMP XSites

  • Corrected an issue that could cause incorrect search results when searching for orders by lender name.
  • When entering a new order or editing an existing order, the phone numbers entered into the Contact and Access Information section are now validated.
  • Reports created can now include the Date Other Paid value from the Fee Splits area of the Invoice.
  • VMP XSites can now process payments using Discover Cards.
  • Resolved an issue that would cause credit card info to be cleared from an order when changing payment method from credit card to another method, then back to credit card.
  • Placing an order on a VMP XSite now attempts to validate the subject address against USPS records, and suggests corrections where appropriate.
  • When placing a VMP XSite order, the Disclosure Date field is no longer required by default.

Appraiser XSites

  • Resolved issues that could cause OK and Cancel buttons to be cut off when acknowledging Mercury Network orders via an Appraiser XSite.
  • Appraisers with valid licenses are now given a 30-day grace period when a license expires similar to the grace period observed by the Appraisal Subcommittee which is the federal entity responsible for maintaining a national database of appraiser licenses.  The following text appears on the website pertaining to this issue: 
    “In recognition of the fact that updates are not performed in real time, the status for all existing appraisers will remain active for 30 days past the expiration date, and then converts to inactive after that time.”

  • Corrected an issue where the appraiser’s license level did not always match the value in the database.
  • Credit card billing tools in Mobile XSites will now display all orders regardless of the current status of the order.
  • Appraisers will now be prompted to update their FHA designation when adding FHA products.
  • Appraisers that share an XSite will now be limited to 3 states of coverage across the entire XSite.


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July 2010 Update

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This document details the changes for Mercury Network, released 07/27/2010.