Release Notes

Mercury Network 3.0 – October 31, 2010

This update contains improvements throughout Mercury Network and Appraiser XSites.

LOS Integration

Calyx Point users can now order appraisals using Mercury Network directly within Point using a built-in interface.

Mercury Network Users

  • New Feature: The Order Management privilege has been improved by adding the ability to specify what user’s orders can be managed. This allows one specific user to manage another, pre-determined user's orders.
  • The Permissions in Users have been re-organized to improve readability.

Appraiser XSites

Corrected an issue with appraiser license validation which could allow two appraisers to list the same license.

Mercury Network Order Management

  • New Feature: Clients can now decrease the appraisal fee after the order is in progress as long as a reason for the decrease is specified.
  • New Feature: Customizations to the widths of the columns in Order Management are now saved.
  • New Feature: If the appraiser or client determines a revision is not needed after it has been requested, the original revision request can be cancelled.
  • Selecting an appraiser not listed on the Fee Panel is logged in the history of the order.
  • When the address is changed on a VMP XSite order, the Analytics map shown in Mercury is now updated.
  • An issue has been corrected that prevented QuickLists from showing when the property address contains an apostrophe.
  • A message has been added that further explains the effects of duplicating a VMP order from the Mercury website.
  • A check box has been added to allow easier synchronizing of the Due Date field when accepting order changes.

Mercury Network Fee Panel

Adding appraisers with invalid state information no longer will cause multiple instances of the "Unknown" state folder to show in the Candidate List.

Mercury Network Notifications

  • A problem has been fixed that prevented the cancelled notification from being sent to an appraiser if the order was cancelled while still awaiting acceptance.
  • Status notification messages sent to additional recipients no longer include a link to order management.

VMP XSites

  • New Feature: The ability to map which statuses automatically synchronize between appraiser orders and client orders has been added to the VMP XSite Preferences.
  • New Feature: Access to the VMP XSite Preferences area can now be controlled with a new Privilege available in Users.
  • An issue has been resolved that would prevent fields from accepting information on a customized order form.
  • Corrected an issue where subject property address changes made on the VMP XSite were not pushed over to the Mercury Network order.
  • An issue was fixed that prevented the PDF from being attached to the completed report notification.
  • Added a check to prevent duplicate credit card refunds.
  • To speed up the load time of the client area of VMP XSites, the default view that a client sees is now All Open Orders.
  • The Order Detail view now shows if the order has had a credit card refund or chargeback.


Appraiser XSites

  • A comment is now required when declining any Mercury Network order.
  • XSite orders now correctly sync partial bathroom numbers with WinTOTAL.
  • The View Report link shown in status messages now link to the XSite instead of the XSites Network.
  • Revision Needed is no longer available to appraisers for completed reports.
  • Appraisals ordered through Mercury and sent to appraisers using WinTOTAL or TOTAL formfilling software now include a new Appraiser Compliance Certification addendum.
  • An option has been added for appraisers to indicate they do not carry E & O insurance.


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October 2010 Update

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  • Revised: 08/15/2013 MJY

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This document answers appraisers' most frequently asked questions about double‑blind orders from Mercury Network.