Release Notes

Mercury Network 3.0 - March 05, 2011

This update contains improvements throughout Mercury Network, VMP XSites, and Appraiser XSites.

Mercury Network - General

Several issues were identified and resolved with Internet Explorer 9.  However, we still have issues to resolve and do not recommend updating to Internet Explorer 9 for several Marchs.  We will keep you posted.

Mercury Network - Account Creation

An issue was corrected that could prevent signup due to the e-mail address matching an existing account.

Mercury Network - Fee Panel

New Feature: Clients now have the option of selectively covering a specific appraiser's transaction fee. This can be used for cases where you've negotiated to pay the appraiser's fee or the appraiser is an employee.

Mercury Network - Notifications

The Daily Order Summary e-mail will only contain details for Mercury Network orders. Previously, other order types were included which appeared in the summary as duplicate orders.

Mercury Network - Order Management

  • New Feature: Clients now have the ability to cover an appraiser's transaction fee on a per-order basis.
  • New Feature: Users now have the ability to modify selection settings on a per order basis which will affect the appraisers available for an assignment. These options are Require Valid License, Require E&O, Require Fees Within Range, Require Local Appraiser, and Require MISMO XML. At any point, these options can now be changed per order and an audit trail of that change will be maintained with the order. As a companion to this feature, there is a new permission that can be used to grant your users the ability to change these settings. One example of an effective way to use this new feature is when you are placing an order to a group of appraisers where there is no E&O requirement. To use this new option, enter or assign a new order and click on Modify Selection Settings.
  • Users now have the option of attaching a document to an order even after the order is complete.
  • An issue was fixed that could cause an unnecessary scrollbar to display when accepting Mercury Network orders.
  • An issue was resolved that could prevent documents from being deleted from double-blind orders.
  • Any user allowed to select appraisers outside of the fee panel can now reassign an order that was originally placed by a user restricted to use the fee panel.
  • The Loan Amount field has been removed from Mercury Network orders.

Mercury Network - Users

  • New Feature: A new permission has been added that can be used to control which users have the ability to lower the fee to a point where the client would incur a transaction fee. To apply this restriction to your users (the user cannot incur a transaction fee), go to Users and scroll down to the Permissions section.
  • New Feature: A new permission has been added which restricts a user's ability to cover a transaction fee on a per order basis. To apply this restriction to your users (the user cannot incur a transaction fee), go to Users and scroll down to the Permissions section.
  • New Feature: As a companion to a new feature in order management, users can now be allowed to modify the vendor selection settings on a per-order basis. To grant this new access, go to Users and scroll down to the Permissions section.
  • An issue was corrected that would cause the currently selected user to display in the "View/Manage Other Users' Orders" list.
  • The popups that display next to features will now stay visible as long as the cursor is on the icon.
  • A prompt to save changes was added if a user clicks "Sign Out" before saving.

VMP XSites

  • New Feature: Customers now have the ability to override the client group's payment method on a per user basis. In other words, individual users can be granted different payment methods even inside a client group.
  • New Feature: VMP XSite orders that are cancelled can now be updated to In Progress - in effect giving customers the ability to "uncancel" a client-facing order.
  • New Feature: Fee tables can now be assigned to Client Groups.
  • New Feature: The font size and colors for text are customizable in the Intro Section of the Compliance Certificate.
  • New Feature: A new optional notification has been added. When an order is placed on the VMP XSite, the user that entered the order can now get a confirmation e-mail that the order was placed. Also, members of client groups can get confirmation e-mails for orders placed by others in the client group.
  • New Feature: Three new statuses have been added to the VMP XSite: Payment Processed, Payment Failed, and Vendor Accepted Assignment. The Vendor Accepted Assignment can be used to indicate that the order has been assigned to and accepted by an appraiser. The Payment statuses are automatically added when processing a credit card payment or can be added manually to the order.
  • The following statuses can now be mapped from the Mercury Network order to the VMP XSite order: Appraisal Viewed by Borrower and Copy of Completed Appraisal e-mailed to Borrower.
  • An option to remove the logo from the Compliance Certificate has been added.
  • An issue was corrected that could cause the Client Group to be removed from an order when edited.
  • Deleting a client contact will now also prompt that the contact will be removed from client groups.
  • Client documents added to the VMP XSite order from the Pending Quality Review screen are attached to the XSite order when the order is marked complete.
  • An issue was fixed that could cause a capital "A" (followed by two or more spaces) to display after a merge field in the Compliance Certificate.
  • A problem was corrected that could prevent Client Groups from being deleted.
  • The Borrower E-mail and Appraisal sent to Borrower Date fields in the Compliance Certificate now accept plain text.
  • In the Compliance Certificate, the Borrower E-mailed Date field will now be auto-populated with the current date when the E-mail copy of appraisal to borrower checkbox is checked.
  • On the Pending Quality Review screen, the E-mail copy of appraisal to borrower checkbox will now remember the setting last used.
  • A problem was resolved that could prevent delivery of notifications for uploaded documents.
  • A line item for the Product will no longer be automatically added to additional invoices created in Business Management.
  • The link to view more payment info has been corrected in the Client Login.
  • The appearance of the Order Confirmation screen has been improved to include the property address, product, fee, and assigned appraiser.
  • Changes were made to ensure the total of all invoices for an order match the amount in the "Fee" field of the order when there is more than one invoice involved.
  • To prevent duplicate credit card charges in the Client Login area of an XSite, two payments of the same amount can no longer be entered for the same card within a 24 hour period.
  • The option to accept Deferred Credit Card as a payment method is no longer enabled by default.
  • Corrected an issue with reporting where the client information only showed if the client was marked as the Bill To contact. With the new functionality, the report defaults to the Client information if there isn't a Bill To contact assigned to the order.

Appraiser XSites

An issue was fixed that would prevent some products from being saved without selecting FHA Approved when updating an appraiser's Mercury Profile.


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