Release Notes

Mercury Network 3.0 — February 23, 2012 Update

This update contains improvements throughout Mercury Network.

Mercury Network — New DataCourier Features

We've just added new features for any appraisals you receive via DataCourier.

  • Request a revision from the appraiser from withinDataCourier
  • Securely send a copy of the appraisal to the borrower
  • Upload a revised appraisal file

Mercury Network — Account Creation

The signup process has now been updated to no longer require a unique phone number.

Mercury Network — Notifications

An issue has been corrected that could cause the vendor to receive a Pending Quality Review notification when completing an order from the Vendor portal.

Mercury Network — DataCourier

  • Corrected an issue which would cause the XML and PDF filenames to be blank if the address in the appraisal was also blank.
  • Changing the default column sort while viewing DataCourier files will now be remembered correctly.

Mercury Network — Order Management

  • The order form is now displayed correctly when editing an order with Internet Explorer 7.
  • UCDP submission results now display correctly when using Internet Explorer 7.
  • The user will now be warned if attempting to submit to both GSE’s when seller servicer numbers are not available for both GSEs.
  • VMP Orders will now display the “Require XML” setting correctly before the order is reassigned.
  • Choosing to filter order search results to a specific day range will now work properly.

Doc Details

February 2012 Update

  • Document 7512
  • Revised: 08/15/2013 MJY

The Big Picture

This document details the changes for Mercury Network, released 12/06/2010.

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