Release Notes

Mercury Network 3.0 – July 26, 2012 Update

This update contains improvements throughout Mercury Network and VMP XSites.

New Feature: In Quality Control Levels

This often-requested feature is now available to all VMP XSite customers. Change the order status to escalate it to QC Level 2 or QC Level 3 for much easier and more efficient order management with your internal staff. Click here to learn more.

New Feature: Contact Support

You can now submit a support ticket request to our Client Relations team directly from inside Mercury Network. Simply click the Contact Support button from the main screen or from inside an order. From there, you can give us details about the issue and upload any documents you would like attached to the issue. Use this method instead of e-mailing or calling Client Relations.  Click here to learn more.

New Feature: Change Due Date Option

Now, you can change due dates without editing the order. Simply change the due date from the Set Order Status drop-down and enter your reason for the audit trail, and you're done.  Click here to learn more.

New Feature: Add extra recipients on a per-order basis

This is a popular request. Now, you can now add additional recipients when you're entering a new order. They will receive all the notifications during the order process Click here to learn more.

Mercury Network – Order Management

  • Orders that have been delayed by the vendor can now be resumed by either party.
  • When uploading completed reports as a compliance user, the correct report is now available if more than one report with the same file name was uploaded.  
  • Quicklists now save correctly in the Product Requirements area of a new order.
  • Canned comments are now displayed correctly when a double blind order has been conditionally declined.
  • Orders that were previously available in the 'Resubmitted Appraisals' folder are now available in the 'Revised Reports' folder.
  • Orders in Pending Quality Review (In QC) status will no longer count as past due.

Mercury Network – Clients

  • Searching by Phone, Fax, E-mail and Contact address now load results correctly.
  • An issue has been corrected which could prevent Round Robin routing from working properly if the round robin group was assigned via a Client Group.

Mercury Network – Fee Panel

The State/Counties selection, in the Fee Panel Builder, now works properly when using Internet Explorer 9.

Mercury Network – Notifications

UCDP Accepted and Not Successful notifications could be sent with incorrect 'Ordered From' information. This has been resolved.

Mercury Network – DataCourier

  • Corrected an issue which could cause a user to incorrectly get an "authorization code expired" error when attempting to view a DataCourier file.
  • When a DataCourier notification expires, the new link delivered will now correctly come from Mercury Network, instead of the original sender.

VMP XSites

  • Automatic invoice due date and invoice number settings are now applied on manually created invoices.
  • Automatically created invoices no longer attach more than once after being submitted to UCDP.
  • Search from the client login area will now return a partial match.
  • For the RealEC integration, In Progress will now automatically sync to the VMP XSite as the Vendor Accepted Assignment status which, in turn, maps to the RealEC Event Code of 410.
  • Mercury Network plugin now supports ENV files for orders placed via our FNC integration.
  • Automatic Invoice Settings are now used for orders placed via integrations.
  • An issue has been corrected that could remove the client file number when an order was edited.
  • Automatic Invoice number and Due Date settings now automatically exclude weekends and major holidays.
  • The Compliance Certificate will now attach even if nothing is marked as 'critical' in the Intro settings.

Mercury Network – Vendors Portal

  • The 'Client Declined Conditions – Reassigned' fax notification will no longer be sent to vendors with fax notifications disabled.
  • The ability to attach documents is now still available after an order has been completed.


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July 2012 Update

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The Big Picture

This document details the changes for Mercury Network, released 07/26/2012.

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