Release Notes

Mercury Network 3. 0 – September 7th, 2012 Update

This update contains improvements throughout Mercury Network and VMP XSites.

New Feature:   New Vendor Profiles

Now, you can access your vendor profile(s) from many places in Mercury Network, and there’s far more information than you had before. The new profile is broken up into tabs for their basic information, their products and fees, their coverage, and even performance statistics and notes. If your users have permission to update the fee panel, changes can be made to the vendor’s profile directly from this new area without the need to visit the Fee Panel area.

New Feature:   View Vendor Statistics

In the new vendor profile, we’ve added a Statistics tab so you can see your vendor’s performance at a glance. See order acceptance rate, on-time rate, rework rate, rework severity, and even how late they are when they’re late. View the stats by time period or by product. Export the numbers and charts to either PDF or Excel. This new tool gives you control over your quality and operations like you’ve never had before.

New Feature:   Add Notes and Documents to Your Vendor’s Profiles

With this update, you can now add notes and documents to the vendor’s profile that will be visible by all your staff. Use this new feature to track issues specific to vendors. Only your employees with the right to Manage Fee Panel will be allowed to add or remove notes and documents. These notes and documents will be specific to your account and won’t be visible by either the vendor or other Mercury Network customers.

New Feature:   Override the Vendor’s Provided Address

You now have the option to override the appraiser’s provided address with a secondary address. This address will be visible to you in the vendor’s profile.

New Feature:  Fee Panel Read Only Permission

You can now give your staff rights to view all the information available in the Fee Panel area, but lock down their ability to make changes. Enable this new permission by clicking on Users and checking the Fee Panel (Read Only) permission check box.

New Feature:   Auto Assignment Approval

If you use vendor Auto-Assignment, we’ve added a new option on a user-by-user basis. Your employees with this permission will now be given the option to approve or decline a vendor chosen by auto-assignment. If the assignment is declined, a note is required and the fact that the vendor was declined will be recorded in the audit trail of the order. After a vendor is declined, another vendor will be auto-assigned, and the approval process restarts. Use this to enforce the random selection of appraisers while scrubbing appraisers against exclusion lists for specific assignments.

New Feature:   BlitzDocs Integration

Our partnership with Xerox Mortgage Services has resulted in a direct integration to their BlitzDocs product. If you have a BlitzDocs account, you can now automatically send appraisals and UCDP documentation directly to your BlitzDocs folder, automatically or manually. It’s a huge advantage for your workflow when you use the BlitzDocs intelligent collaborative network to accelerate loans through their lifecycle.

Mercury Network – General

Excel file formats, such as .xls and .xlsx, are now supported when attaching documents from orders, product requirements, and within vendor profiles.

Mercury Network – Order Management

  • Appraisals will be now be available in PDF format from within Calyx’s Point software when delivered in XML format.
  • Launching from within Calyx’s Point software will no longer prompt to replace the existing “Rate Lock Time”.

VMP XSites

  • An issue has been corrected that could cause a timeout when editing contacts for accounts that have 50+ users.
  • Added the checkbox to sync messages sent from within Mercury Network to VMP XSites.
  • Messages sent from VMP XSites Business Management can now be synced to Mercury Network.
  • Clients can now choose a document type when uploading a file in the Client Login area of the XSite.
  • Corrected an issue which could cause the invoice number or "Bill To" information to change when editing an order in Business Management.

Mercury Network – DataCourier

Notes are now added to audit trail when a revision is requested for a DataCourier order.

Appraiser XSites and Vendors Portal

  • Added the document type "Other" when adding attachment to the MN profile.
  • When appraisers add a license already assigned to another appraiser, more information about the duplication is given as well as contact information for the appraiser currently using the license.


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September 2012 Update

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  • Revised: 08/15/2013 MJY

The Big Picture

This document details the changes for Mercury Network, released 09/07/2012.

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