Release Notes

Mercury Network 3. 0 – February 25, 2013 Update

This update contains improvements throughout Mercury Network and VMP XSites.  This update also includes additional changes to prepare for the release of AQM, our Appraisal Quality Management System.

VMP XSites

Order numbers that are automatically sequenced will no longer increment by 2 when a new order is created from Business Management.

VMP Client Portal (In Beta)

  • Orders can now be placed from the VMP Client Portal while using Internet Explorer 10.
  • Credit card information is no longer required to place an order when "Deferred CC" is selected as the payment method.
  • "Update Payment Information" status is now available for orders using "Deferred CC" payment method.
  • The completed appraisal report will now be visible in orders that have revision requests pending in the VMP Client Portal.
  • The ability to attach documents when placing a new order is now available for all loan purpose types.
  • The 'Click to View' link in "Attached Invoice" notifications will now properly direct the client to the VMP Client Portal login page.
  • The "New Order" notification will now be sent to all additional recipients when orders are placed in the VMP Client Portal.
  • The "Payment Processed" notification will now properly send to the XSite user when a payment is made on an order assigned to the admin.

Mercury Network – DataCourier

The UCDP results screen will now display correctly in DataCourier files.

Mercury Network – Vendor Portal

  • Appraisal reports in PDF format can no longer be attached to orders with an XML requirement.
  • The "Message Sent by Vendor" notifications that are sent to users who manage that vendor's orders will now show the correct information in the "To" and "From" fields.
  • Vendors will no longer receive an "In Progress" notification intended for the client after accepting orders that are assigned to sub users.
  • When an order is edited, the notification sent to users who manage other users' orders will no longer have an attachment containing the order information (.ORD file).
  • The 'Reply' link in "Message" notifications will now properly direct vendors to the Vendor Portal or their Appraiser XSite to proceed.
  • All notifications generated from managed orders will now be properly sent to users that manage other users' orders.

Appraiser XSites

  • The "Message Sent" notification will no longer be sent to vendors when messages are generated from Appraiser XSites.
  • Limited the allowable file types to XML & PDF when attaching an appraisal report to complete an order.
  • Entering a fee for an FHA product without the FHA designation selected will now work properly.


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February 25, 2013 Update

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The Big Picture

This document details the changes for Mercury Network, released 02/25/2013.

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