Release Notes

Mercury Network 3.0 – June 27, 2013 Update

This update contains improvements throughout Mercury Network and VMP XSites.

New Features:

  • VMP XSite:  Managing the VMP Order Just Got Way Easier. Those of you with VMP XSites are going to send us a thank you note.  From inside Mercury Network orders, there is now a link to open the associated VMP XSite order.  You no longer will need to manually log into the XSite, search for the order, and then open it.
  • Send Messages to Multiple Orders. A message can now be sent to multiple orders without the need to open each order.  A 'Message' button has been added to the toolbar in Order Management, which will allow you to select multiple orders, write a message, and hit send.  One example of how you can use this is to send reminders to appraisers who have past due orders.  Or to use your action required folder to isolate one situation and to address the situation with one status update.
  • Quickly Find Associated Orders. When you open an order, you will now see an alert whenever there is at least one other order with the same address.  This alert will list the matching order and provide a way to quickly view it without having to back out and manually track the order down.  A good example is when you are reviewing a 1004D order, you can quickly access the original appraisal order and review it, if necessary.
  • Quickly Assign Orders to Employees. You can now quickly reassign an order to an employee from within Order Details without editing the entire order.  The currently assigned employee shows as a hyperlink.  Simply click on the name and select another employee from a list.  The assigned employee will receive a notification letting them know they now have an order to manage.

Mercury Network – Order Management

  • The text shown in the Auto Assignment Approval screen will now be properly aligned when vendor information is missing.
  • When an order is duplicated and assigned to the same vendor, that vendor's published fee will be used in the new order instead of the median fee.
  • When managing orders from inside the Action Required folder, the Delete Order button has been removed to prevent a customer from accidently deleting the order instead of removing it from the Action Required folder.
  • For customers using the BytePro integration, the occupancy type and purpose of loan information from the loan file are now automatically populated in Mercury Network when placing an order.
  • New UCDP submissions will now remove orders from Action Required if they were flagged for action because of a failed UCDP submission.
  • When orders are Conditionally Declined the audit trail will now show the original fee and due date as well as the vendor's proposed fee and due date.

Mercury Network – AQM

  • Orders can no longer be submitted to AQM multiple times when two or more users are working in the same order at the same time.
  • The adjusted value range of closed comparable sales will now be shown in Preliminary Results when greater than 15%.
  • Updated the legend text in Preliminary Results to better explain the colors associated to each rule.

VMP XSites

  • Orders that are marked complete by a user with compliance rights will now go into the In QC Level 1 folder instead of the Completed folder.
  • Added the ability to search credit card transactions by the last four digits of the credit card number used.
  • A comment is now required when canceling an order from the VMP XSite.
  • The audit trail now correctly shows which user processed a payment via Business Management when that user is not the admin.
  • For customers using the VMP XSite credit card processing, the Settlement Summary report sent each night when a credit card batch is settled, now lists the property address of the order associated with each charge.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause the Due Date to be automatically populated in new invoices even if the customer has the automatic invoice settings disabled.
  • An issue has been resolved which would show more than one invoice attached to the order when managing an order that is In QC.
  • The New Order notification will no longer be sent when a new VMP XSite order is created if the customer has this notification disabled.
  • The default information supplied in the VMP XSite custom order form will now automatically populate a new order and will only be overridden by lender information included with an assigned Client Group.
  • A default payment method is now required when saving a new Client Group.

Mercury Network – VMP Client Portal

  • If an invalid password is entered when logging in and the Enter key is used to proceed, the user will no longer be presented with multiple prompts.
  • A comment is now required when originators cancel an order.
  • When there is an error associated to a field on the order form where the field name has been updated with new text via the Custom Order Form settings, the popup with the error will now correctly refer to the correct field name instead of the default field name.

Mercury Network – Vendor Portal

  • An error message will now be shown when special characters that cannot be used are entered in the Notes field when setting a status.
  • The orders grid will now work properly in Internet Explorer 10 with or without Compatibility Mode enabled.

Appraiser XSites

  • Vendors can no longer see client's additional e-mail addresses when viewing the details of an order through XSites Business Management.
  • An issue has been fixed that could show the wrong lender address to the appraiser as a part of a new appraisal order.

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June 2013 Update

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The Big Picture

This document details the changes for Mercury Network, released 06/27/2013.

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