Release Notes

Mercury Network 3. 0 – August 15, 2013 Update

This update contains improvements throughout Mercury Network and VMP XSites.

New Features:

  • The new AQM appraisal QC system is now available outside Mercury Network:
    Now, lenders and AMCs who don't use the full Mercury Network can still use Mercury's new AQM system. Reports can now be sent through the AQM appraisal QC system via our DataCourier service.
  • AQM expands to include the Exterior-Only major form:
    The Exterior-Only [Form 2055][UAD Version 9/2011] can now be sent through AQM for a consistent, compliant QC process on that form, as well as your 1004s.
  • Sync Internal Notes to your VMP XSite:
    You can now sync any of the internal notes you add to orders in Mercury Network. Internal Notes will be synced to your client as a Message or Comment – Action Required status, based on your selection.
  • Add Order Requirements to your VMP XSite's order form:
    Now, you can enter requirements, instructions, disclaimers, important notes, or anything else you need a client to confirm before they place an order. The note will appear on the order form and the client has to acknowledge it before proceeding.
  • Customize the options in the Loan Type, Loan Purpose, and Property Type dropdowns on the VMP order form:
    It's now possible to choose which options will be available in the dropdown menus for the Loan Type, Loan Purpose, and Property Type fields in the client order form. From Configure Order Form, choose which options your clients can select when placing orders.
  • VMP Orders can now be placed as Rush orders:
    An option has been added in Configure Order Form that will add a "Rush order" check box to your order form. If you wish, a default due date for rush orders can be configured in Automatic Settings, or it can be left to your client to choose.

Mercury Network – Order Management

  • Orders that are in an In QC folder when placed On Hold will now return to the correct QC folder when resumed.
  • The Order Assigned to Client notification will now be sent to managing users' additional recipients.
  • You can now search for orders by county.

Mercury Network – Preferences

  • In Product Requirements, for UAD compliant products, the UAD version of each form is now set as the Required Form in place of the non-UAD versions.
  • Since clients now have the ability to cancel revisions they've requested, and those status events can be set to automatically sync in Configure Status Mapping.

Mercury Network – VMP XSites

  • XSite users with e-mail notifications turned off will no longer receive an e-mail when a document is uploaded.
  • When the start number sequence for auto-numbered invoices is set to 0, the first order created will now show up correctly in Mercury Network.
  • Resolved an issue which caused Order Cancelled and Document Attached notifications to not send if the client's profile contained more than one e-mail address.
  • The Order Fee field will no longer show in the VMP order form when it's set to be hidden in Configure Order Form.
  • Orders can now be searched for by county.

Mercury Network – VMP Client Portal

  • Orders that are in a Revision Needed status can no longer be cancelled from the VMP Client Portal.
  • Revision requests can now be cancelled from the Other Actions menu in Order Details.
  • Additional e-mail recipients can now be edited after an order has been placed.  
  • When viewing an order's details from the VMP Client Portal, the Estimated Value field will now show below Payment Type.
  • Placing an order for a 1004D with a Loan Type of FHA is now permitted in the VMP Client Portal.

Appraisal Quality Management (AQM)

  • Reports containing the Exterior-Only [Form 2055][UAD Version 9/2011] major form can now be submitted to AQM.
  • QuickLists are now specific to each rule in AQM instead of being added to a collective list which showed all QuickList entries for all rules.
  • When adding comments to a rule from Preliminary Results, your cursor will be placed in notes field automatically.

Mercury Network – Vendor Portal

The way columns are sorted in Order Management will now be remembered.

Mercury Network – Data Courier

Creating a new DataCourier file after viewing an appraisal sent via DataCourier in TOTAL will now prompt you to log in then let you create the file. Previously, the New DataCourier File button wouldn't react in this scenario.

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August 2013 Update

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The Big Picture

This document details the changes for Mercury Network, released 08/15/2013.

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