Release Notes

Mercury Network 3. 0 – April 1, 2014 Update

This update contains improvements throughout Mercury Network and VMP XSites. 

New Features:

  • New quality control warnings
    When you receive a completed report that our Appraisal Quality Management (AQM) system detects potentially serious issues in, you'll see a Quality Control Warning with the option to see a full list of detected issues.
  • Appraisal Quality Management (AQM) Redesigned
    Appraisal Quality Management has been redesigned from the ground up to make your quality assurance process much easier.  With AQM, you can get a compliant, comprehensive system for quality assurance of your appraisals across all business channels, and automatic documentation of your due diligence for inclusion in the loan file.
  • New quality assurance options
    We've added a new preferences menu so you can dictate when to automatically QC reports, and you can even receive just the Appraisal Quality Index as a score with a list of issues detected.
  • Significant enhancements to Mercury Network's architecture
    Mercury Network's structural foundation has been upgraded to ensure compatibility with new internet browsers, such as Internet Explorer 11.

Mercury Network – Order Management

  • A separate audit trail entry will now be recorded in Order History for each borrower e-mail address that receives a report at the time it's viewed.
  • Orders pending revisions by the vendor can no longer be placed On Hold and then Cancelled.
  • Counter-offers on orders that have been conditionally declined by a vendor outside of your Fee Panel will now be properly reflected in Order History.  
  • Documents attached to orders can now be specified as Contracting Bids via the document type dropdown.
  • Printing an order's details now works properly in Internet Explorer 11.
  • The XML contents of reports delivered by the vendor will now always be properly identified when different types of MISMO XML files are sent, and the MISMO 2.6GSE XML will be used to complete the order.
  • QuickLists are now available and fully functional when escalating an order's status to In QC – Level 2, In QC – Level 3, and when removing a UCDP status.
  • Corrected an issue which could cause an error viewing documents which were auto-attached by AMC accounts for consolidated orders.
  • The map that's seen in the Documents, Maps, & Stats section of Order Details will now only display when an order's status is Requires Assignment or In QC Level 1 – 3.
  • Vendor Selection Settings can now be modified directly from the vendor selection step of order assignment when using Google Chrome or Safari browsers.

Mercury Network – Client Management

  • The members associated with Client Groups will now display properly while the group is being edited from Google Chrome or Apple's Safari browsers.
  • The Client Management section is now compatible with Internet Explorer 11.

Mercury Network – Fee Panel

  • The Contact Vendor and Invite Candidate features in the Fee Panel will now be fully functional when using internet browsers other than Internet Explorer.
  • Information copied to your clipboard can now be pasted into the e-mail invitation that's sent to Fee Panel candidates.
  • An error will no longer be displayed when using the Fee Panel's Contact Vendor and Invite Candidate features in Internet Explorer 9 and 10.
  • The Contact Vendor and Invite Candidate e-mail dialogues now load correctly in Internet Explorer 11 and Mozilla Firefox.

Mercury Network – Preferences

  • Information copied to your clipboard can now be pasted into the field where an automatic Compliance Certificate is created.
  • The Product List in the VMP XSites section of Preferences is now compatible with Internet Explorer 11.
  • An issue which could cause the page being viewed to scroll up or down when the mouse is moved was a result of an incompatibility with Internet Explorer 11 and has now been fixed.
  • The toolbar used to customize and control the automatic Compliance Certificate will now function properly when using Internet Explorer 11 without compatibility mode enabled.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the screen to shift to the left when saving changes in Vendor Selection Settings while using Internet Explorer 11.

Mercury Network – UARR

  • When editing a UARR rule's text, the field where new text is entered will no longer erroneously appear at the top of the page.  

VMP XSites

  • Deleting an order in the VMP Client Portal will no longer alter the status of the order in the VMP XSite.
  • The "View XSite Order" link in Order Details which allows for simple transition between Mercury Network and the VMP XSite will now display properly in Internet Explorer 11.
  • The toolbar buttons (PDF, Save, Preview, & Close) that are displayed while viewing an invoice in Business Management can now be used in Internet Explorer 10 without compatibility mode enabled.
  • A Cancelled Status can no longer be applied from the VMP XSite on orders which have been completed in and synced over from Mercury Network.
  • The correct product will now be displayed in the VMP XSite when viewing an order duplicated by a subuser for an Appraisal Update/Inspection of Repairs (FNMA 1004D) assignment.

Mercury Network – Vendor Portal

  • A notification will now be sent to the vendor when a report that was delivered by a sub-user has been viewed.
  • A map of the subject property will no longer be displayed in the Documents, Maps, & Stats section of Order Details in

Appraiser XSites

  • Corrected an issue which could cause the lower half of the Mercury Network Profile section not to show.
  • When using Internet Explorer 10, the link to edit Mercury Network profiles will now work properly.
  • The FHA designation will no longer be removed after making changes to the information stored in a Mercury Network profile via User Management.
  • Cleared up an issue that would prevent the client from being able to accept conditions that have been proposed if an order is edited from the Appraiser XSite after being conditionally declined.


  • New DataCourier files can now be created by uploading an appraisal report in .PDF format.

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April 2014 Update

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  • Created: 04/01/2014 MJY

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This document details the changes for Mercury Network, released 04/01/2014.

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