Release Notes

Mercury Network 3.0 — July 17, 2014 Update

This update contains improvements throughout Mercury Network and VMP XSites.

New Features:

  • Thorough, compliant quality control using AQM’s “QC Module” 
    Now, when you start AQM (Appraisal Quality Management) on a Mercury Network order, you will have the option to skip the final AQI report and score, and instead only use the popular QC module to process all flagged issues and efficiently request revisions from your vendor.  This will allow you to use our thorough framework that documents your due diligence internally, without generating the AQI final report for third party review.  If you want to add the AQI report later, you can do that too.
  • Mark order document attachments as "private"
    When uploading an attachment, you'll have an option to mark it as private.  When a document is marked private, it will not be made available to the client or the vendor.  This option will be available on new and existing documents.  When an existing document is marked as private, the document will be removed from any corresponding orders and a document deleted status will be added to the audit trail.
  • Add an ID to your vendor profiles
    If you assign IDs to your vendors for faster, more efficient handling, you will be able to add those to their profile.  These IDs are for your reference only, and the vendor won’t see them in their own profile.
  • VMP XSites:  Your clients can now deliver the report directly from your VMP XSite with SureReceipts
    You’ve been able to deliver the appraisal to the borrower on behalf of your client through Mercury Network with SureReceipts, but with this update, we’ve added that ability to your VMP XSite.  Now, your clients can use the secure SureReceipts tool directly from your VMP XSite to send the report to their borrowers in full compliance with the new ECOA Valuations Rule, at no cost to them.  It’s a valuable service you’ll be providing to your clients, and you don't have to do anything extra.
  • VMP XSites:  Hands-free, automatic order assignment
    Now, you can save valuable time by not manually assigning orders that come in from their VMP XSite.   With this release, you will be able to automatically assign orders to the vendor that best matches your pre-set criteria.  You can configure which fee will be used by default, and whether or not comments entered by your client are passed automatically to the vendor.  Plus, you can automatically direct any supplemental orders to the vendor who completed the original order.  You’ll also have the option to enable unattended assignment mode on a per-client basis using the settings in Client Groups.  The Client Groups preferences screen has also been redesigned to allow even more expansion.
  • VMP XSites:  Track MDIA disclosures by loan type 
    You are now able to configure your disclosure tracking based on loan purpose.
  • Lenders using Enterprise Vendor Framework (EVF)
    For our lenders managing orders with multiple AMCs through our EVF platform, we’ve added new controls to streamline borrower delivery and the delivery of docs like final SSRs and final invoices to the lender. 

Mercury Network – Order Management

  • A Fannie Mae conventional loan type, HomeStyle Renovation, has been added as a Loan Type option.
  • New document types are available when attaching documents to allow the ability to specify when uploading a FNM/FRE SSR or a Delivery Certificate.
  • New products can now be ordered in Mercury Network: Single Family Investment w/ Operating Income Statement (1004 and 216), Evaluation, and USDA-RD GRH Addendum.
  • Updated the available commercial appraisal products in Mercury Network per USPAP 2014‑15. 
  • Action Required configuration settings are now properly displayed in Mozilla Firefox. 
  • Fixed a cosmetic issue which could cause the vendor’s address not to display correctly in the top vendor map during order assignment. 

Mercury Network – Appraisal Quality Management (AQM)

  • A new status, Revision Sent, is now displayed in AQM’s Preliminary Results beside the rules currently pending revisions from the vendor.

Mercury Network – SureReceipts

  • In the notification sent to the borrower when a completed appraisal is provided via SureReceipts, the text has been updated to refer borrowers to their loan officer for assistance instead of their lender.    

Mercury Network – VMP XSites

  • The Invoice option under the Billing button in an order will no longer create a new invoice when selected to avoid situations where a duplicate invoice is accidentally generated. 

Mercury Network – VMP Client Portal

  • Improved how the dollar amounts entered in the Estimated Value and Sales Price fields are displayed. 
  • Made minor cosmetic improvements in the History section of Order Details so that order event text fits better, making it easier to read. 

Mercury Network – Enterprise Vendor Framework (EVF)

  • Added support for Enterprise Vendor Framework (EVF) lenders that don’t use QC statuses to automatically send completed reports to the borrower upon delivery.
  • The ability to hold SSRs and Invoices to prevent them from being delivered to the client until the order is released from In QC / marked complete has been added.
  • Orders with CC to Vendor as the payment method can now be successfully edited in Business Management
  • Messages and events will now properly show the user that synced them when configured to do so.
  • Payment information is now properly recorded in Order History for the AMC when edited by a VMP client. 

Mercury Network – Vendor Portal

  • Vendors now have an option to indicate when they’re not required to carry E&O insurance in their Mercury Network profile to avoid situations where they could be deemed ineligible to receive orders.
  • New products have been added to Mercury Network: Single Family Investment w/ Operating Income Statement (1004 and 216), Evaluation, and USDA-RD GRH Addendum.
  • SRPA, RRS, & GRS have been added as designation/certification options in vendor profiles.

Appraiser XSites

  • The Invoice option under the Billing button in an order will no longer create a new invoice when selected to avoid situations where a duplicate invoice is accidentally generated.
  • Changes made to Product Requirements in Mercury Network will no longer alter the Product Requirements shown in existing orders when viewed from an Appraiser XSite.

Mercury Network – DataCourier

  • When Appraisal Quality Management (AQM) is leveraged to QC reports received via DataCourier, they’ll no longer be deleted after 90 days. 
  • Mercury Network users are now logged out automatically when trying to view DataCourier files for another user.

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July 2014 Update

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This document details the changes for Mercury Network, released 07/17/2014.

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