Release Notes

Mercury Network 3. 0 – October 20th, 2014 Update

This update contains improvements throughout Mercury Network and VMP XSites.

New Features:

  • Submit all reports to UCDP Automatically:
    A new setting has been added to Connection Settings.  When enabled, reports will be automatically uploaded to UCDP when the report is completed.
  • For VMP XSite customers:  Automatically send specific reports to UCDP, AQM, or the borrower with new Automated tab in Client Groups
    An Automated tab has been added in Client Groups with several options to customize and automate your services on a client-by-client basis.  Automatically send reports to the borrower via SureReceipts, submit to AQM and/or UCDP, configure distinct Product Requirements per client, and upload documents to be attached to all orders placed for each Client Group.
  • Mercury Network will now remember your username for faster access
    Mercury Network will now remember your user name if you choose, so you don't have to enter it each time you log in.  Additionally, your username will be retained when you accidentally enter your password incorrectly so you won’t have to type it again.
  • New status folders in DataCourier alert you to disclosure delays
    To make SureReceipts even better, we're adding a new feature that will automatically flag the file if a borrower delays receiving the report.  Since regulations require they receive the report before three days prior to closing, these folders will help you ensure compliance and keep closings on track.
  • A new FHA Loan Type is now available
    A new Loan Type, FHA 203K Full, can now be applied to orders when applicable. Also, the existing Loan Type, FHA 203K, is being retired as of today, 10/16/14, and has been replaced with FHA 203K Streamline.

Mercury Network – Order Management

  • The assigned vendor’s information will now be visible on the final Confirm your order page when placing a new order. 
  • The message shown when attempting to place or edit an order if the Product/Loan Type combination contains a conflicting FHA selection has been clarified to offer an appropriate solution. 

Mercury Network – Preferences

  • Improvements have been made to the Intelligent Selection System (ISS), which manages vendor selection during order assignment, to bolster performance and reliability in areas with a large number of eligible appraisers.

Mercury Network – Fee Panel

  • Vendors are granted a 30 day grace period after their license expires and during this time they remain eligible to receive orders.  The Fee Panel will now properly reflect a vendor’s status based on their eligibility to receive orders instead of when their license expires.

Mercury Network - VMP XSites

  • Orders that are In QC and have passed their due date will now show in the Past Due folder until they are marked Complete and delivered to the VMP Client.
  • When an order is edited in the VMP XSite and the Product is changed, the Order Change event shown in Order History in Mercury Network will now display the new product with the appropriate Mercury Network product name, not the XSite product name. 
  • When a VMP client’s contact is removed in Mercury Network, orders previously associated to that contact can now be assigned to a new client contact via a link in the Client field in the VMP XSite order. 
  • Conditionally Declined & Conditions Proposed status events can now be synced to the VMP XSite & VMP client from Mercury Network.  
  • When a message from the vendor is synced to VMP as a Comment – Action Required event, the link to reply in the notification received will now take users to the order instead of an error page. 
  • A display issue has been corrected to prevent HTML code from displaying in the notification sent when an order’s status is updated. 
  • New VMP integrated accounts will now be guided through building their VMP Product List and given a choice to use the default product list, instead of automatically inheriting the default VMP Product List.
  • When navigating to Preferences > VMP XSites > Configure Order Form, the page will now load faster for accounts with a large number of clients. 

Mercury Network – Enterprise Vendor Framework (EVF)

  • Appraisal Management Companies will now only be visible as eligible candidates to receive orders when EVF lenders place an order.
  • Corrected an issue where internal notes would become visible to the lender/broker if synced to VMP from Mercury Network in an Enterprise Vendor Framework (EVF) setup.

Mercury Network – Vendor Portal

  • Updated the counties that can be configured in the Coverage area of Mercury Network profiles for the state of Alaska to bring the list in line with Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS). 
  • The notification received when a client views an appraisal report after it’s been delivered has been updated to better explain the situation.
  • Vendors are no longer able to update the Lender Information fields when editing orders. 

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October 20, 2014 Update

  • Document 7531
  • Revised: 10/14/2014 ACNY

The Big Picture

This document details the changes for Mercury Network, released 10/2014.

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