Release Notes

Mercury Network 3.0 — December 2014 Update

This update contains improvements throughout Mercury Network and VMP XSites.

New Feature:

  • VMP XSites will be updated to use rather than, and we've eliminated the irrelevant appraiser-centric content pages.
  • Mercury Network is now ready to handle some recently announced changes from Fannie Mae.  Several Fannie Mae messages returned from UCDP are being upgraded from warnings to overridable hard stops.  In addition, Mercury Network will seamlessly handle situations when the GSEs return different results.
  • An XSite upgrade is ready for release, including an updated contacts interface, new XSite themes, and Business Management will now launch in a separate browser window from the main XSite.

Mercury Network ‑ Order Management

  • Resolved an issue which could cause problems completing reports, or updating order status, when specific characters (<>) were present in certain fields, such as the borrower's e-mail address, in a message, or revision request.
  • Marking an order as complete, without updating the client, will no longer attempt to attach a compliance certificate to the order.  The due date will be correctly updated on the VMP XSite order when proposed changes have been accepted and the order has changed since the conditions were sent.
  • To optimize loading times, the Completed and Cancelled folders will no longer display the total order count next to the folder.  You can still see the total number of orders at the top of the orders grid.
  • Marking an order as complete without the borrower's e-mail address will now display a warning that the appraisal will not be automatically delivered to the borrower when automated SureReceipts is enabled.
  • Orders not delivered to the client when marked complete will no longer be delivered to UCDP automatically, if enabled.
  • When choosing to not update the client with the completed appraisal, an audit trail event would still be written to the order if the borrower's e-mail address was missing.
  • Pending Appraiser Review folder has been removed from VMP XSites and Mercury Network.  Orders in this status are still available in the 'All Open Orders' folder.

Mercury Network ‑ DataCourier

  • When delivering via SureReceipts, the audit trail events in DataCourier will now show the date the borrower consented and downloaded the report.

Mercury Network ‑ Notifications

  • Documents uploaded from VMP Client portal during order creation will now generate a notification for each document uploaded.

VMP XSites

  • The payment method, on orders with credit card charges already processed, can now be changed.
  • Calendars in Business Management will now properly display the current 2014 when using Internet Explorer 10.

Mercury Network ‑ Vendor Portal

  • After updating expired E&O insurance, the Profile Status bar will now be updated automatically to show the E&O information is now valid.
  • An issue has been corrected which could cause documents being uploaded to result in an error when using Chrome.

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December 06, 2014 Update

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The Big Picture

This document details the changes for Mercury Network, released 12 06, 2014.

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