Release Notes

Mercury Network 3.0 – February 10th, 2015 Update

This update contains improvements throughout Mercury Network and VMP XSites.

New Features

  • New Order Management permissions streamline your operations
    As the admin or managing user on your account, you can now control which statuses your sub users can apply to orders, control what orders they have rights to based on the product ordered, as well as what orders they can access based on which folder they are currently in.
  • New Automatic Assignment/Double blind override on a per order basis
    Users with rights to change the Selection Settings (Per Order) can now configure automatic assignment and double-blind settings on a per order basis.
  • New permission to access orders on your public-facing VMP XSite
    If you have a VMP XSite, our public-facing appraisal ordering portal, access to the VMP XSite can now be granted on a per user basis.  This includes logging into the VMP XSite, as well as the ability to sync status changes to the VMP XSite order.
  • New Order Search options
    When searching for orders, you can now search by the VMP Order #.

Mercury Network — Order Management

  • Removed the unnecessary 'Awaiting Acceptance' and 'Requires Assignment' audit trail events when Unattended Automatic assignment is enabled.
  • Corrected an issue where the QC escalation statuses were available on accounts without a VMP XSite.
  • When updating an Order Group or Client Group within an order, the group name will now be correctly written to the 'Order Changed' event in the order's audit trail.
  • For EVF orders, audit trail events for SureReceipts delivery sent before the VMP XSite order is marked complete will now be available as soon as the order is completed.

Mercury Network — Notifications

  • An issue has been resolved which caused additional e‑mail addresses added to Mercury Network profiles to not receive all notifications the primary address received.
  • Corrected an issue that would allow users to still access a document after it has been deleted by using the link in the original notification e‑mail.
  • When an order is edited by the vendor, the 'Order Changed' notification will now be sent to all necessary parties.
  • Completed order notifications now open correctly when viewed on a mobile Apple device with the Safari browser.

VMP XSites

  • When 'Delayed' or 'Resumed' statuses are passed to the VMP XSite, the updated due date will be included when applicable.
  • The amount charged is now recorded to the audit trail when the 'Make a Payment' page is used to process credit card payments.
  • All users with access to the VMP XSite will now be able to select a 'Bill To Company' when they are in Invoices | Enter Client Payments.
  • Cancelled invoices can now be correctly restored.
  • Automatic invoices will now correctly be attached to the VMP order when the credit card is charged using the 'Make a Payment' page.
  • The 'Make a Payment' page now allows the credit card expiration year to be set up to 20 years from the current year.
  • The 'Document attached' notification now has the correct link when sent to sub users or clients using the Client portal.
  • Lead Capture notifications now have the correct subject line 'Your XSite Client Data form'.
  • Notes with an apostrophe entered by your clients can now be manually synced to the Mercury Network order without errors.

VMP Client portal

  • When e‑mail addresses are entered as a contact method for Inspection Contacts, the e‑mail address is now validated and required to be in the correct format.
  • When a new contact is created within Mercury Network, the company address will now be carried over to the contact's profile on the VMP Client portal.
  • When property type is marked as a required field, it will now show as a required field when clients place new orders.

Mercury Network — Vendor portal

  • Notifications delivered to the vendor will now link directly to the vendor portal rather than the Appraiser XSite.
  • The 'Contact Information' section in Vendor profiles now has an extra address line for their office address.
  • After an order has changed, all order information is now stored correctly so review rules ran during plugin delivery match the updated order information.
  • When uploading a document using the Firefox browser, the browse window will now open correctly and have focus.

Appraisal Quality Management

  • If the appraisal delivered by the vendor triggered no AQM rules, the report would be automatically sent to AQM when free AQI's were available.  This has been corrected.


  • When attempting to upload a new XML or PDF appraisal report without a Mercury Network account, the user is now correctly taken to the sign up screen.

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February 10th, 2015 Update

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The Big Picture

This document details the changes for Mercury Network, released 02/2015.

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