Release Notes

Mercury Network 3.0 – November 4, 2015

This update contains enhancements throughout Mercury Network.

New features

  • Request a fee quote for an appraisal
    Lenders using the Mercury Network EVF platform now have the ability to request a quote for an appraisal order from an AMC. Then, when ready to proceed, the quote can be converted into an appraisal order using the same property and assignment information.
  • Property Rights field
    A new field is now available in the client order form for Property Rights which will allow clients to specify the property as Fee Simple, Leasehold, or Leased Fee.

End User License Agreement

  • Effective November 11, 2015, we updated the information rights section of the EULA allowing us to aggregate appraisal fee information to help you with TRID compliance. Click here to review the upcoming changes.


  • UCDP SSR documents will now appear in the Documents section of Order Details when orders are marked complete.
  • Order History will now properly reflect which user sends an invoice to a client rather than showing the account administrator’s name.

EVF Lenders

  • UCDP SSR documents will now appear in the Order Documents section of the lender’s order when the appraisal is sent to UCDP from the AMC.


  • Revision requested e-mail notifications sent to the appraiser now contain contact information for the party requesting the revision for easier communication between client and appraiser.

Doc Details

November 4, 2015 Update

  • Document 7547
  • Created: 11/03/2015

The Big Picture

This update adds the ability for EVF lenders to request an appraisal fee quote plus other feature updates.

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