Release Notes

Mercury Network 3.0 – February 2, 2016

This update contains enhancements throughout Mercury Network.

New features

  • Now you can choose which products are automatically delivered via SureReceipts; and if you're using Client Groups, you can select a different set of products for each Client Group.
  • You can now decide which individual loan types are automatically submitted to the UCDP portal. Plus, each Client Group can be configured with its own set of loan types for automatic submission.
  • From the ‘Make a payment’ page, the borrower’s credit card can now be charged immediately or stored for later processing.

Mercury Network - Order Management

  • The loan number and borrower name are now included in the e-mailed settlement summary report.
  • When editing an order and the order fee field is disabled, the source field is now also disabled.
  • Automatic SureReceipts will now correctly send after completing an order that had a revision cancelled.
  • The quick start guide menu option and home price index graph have been removed.
  • Since Microsoft will soon be dropping support, Internet Explorer 9 & 10 will no longer be supported by Mercury applications. If you’re using an older version of Internet Explorer, please click here to upgrade.

Mercury Network - User Management

  • If you navigate away from the user management page with unsaved changes, you will be prompted to save changes.

VMP XSite Accounts

  • Downloading a report in MS Word or MS Excel format when MS Office is not installed now properly saves the report to the user’s computer.
  • When an order is automatically refreshed after a cancel revision or manual completion, the compliance certificate will now correctly show in client documents for orders in QC.

Mercury Network - Vendor Portal

  • New commercial bidding opportunities will now appear in the New Orders folder in addition to the Bidding Orders folder.
  • When a new order text notification is sent to an appraiser who has not accepted the Mercury Network EULA, the text message now contains the username to help the appraiser identify the account.
  • Updated the new order e-mail notification an appraiser receives to show the correct expiration time.

Mercury Network - Enterprise Vendor Framework (EVF)

  • Additional recipients now receive e-mail notifications when certain order statuses are changed in the EVF workflow (inspection scheduled, complete, on hold, resume and change due date).
  • Now using the due date calculated from the AMC’s automatic settings rather than the Lender’s due date when issuing an order to an appraiser.
  • When an integrated AMC manually accepts a Lender’s order, the order for the appraiser is now automatically created.
  • When a non-integrated AMC accepts a Lender’s order, the order for the appraiser is now not automatically created.

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February 2, 2016 Update

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  • Created: 02/02/2016

The Big Picture

This document details the changes for Mercury Network update, released 02/02/2016.

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