Release Notes

Mercury Network 3.0 – January 2017 Update

This update contains enhancements throughout Mercury Network.

New Features

  • Manage vendor capacity and priority
    To make order assignment easier and more accurate, we’re introducing several new options:
    • You can now mark a vendor as being on your staff, and even indicate whether they are on salary or not. Salaried vendors don't require a fee when placing an order to them.
    • You can give each vendor a priority ranking (1-5) then use that rank as a factor during order assignment.
    • To manage a vendor’s order capacity, you can now set the maximum number of orders they may have open with you. Plus, you can easily see how many orders are currently assigned to any vendor.
    • You now have the option to exclude vendors from receiving new orders if they’re currently past due on one of your existing orders.
  • Client controls for vendors
    We’re giving vendors more control over who can assign an order to them:
    • As a vendor, you can remove yourself from a fee panel.
    • You can place yourself “on hold” for a particular fee panel.
    • You can choose to accept orders only from clients who have added you to their fee panel.

Mercury Network - Order Management

  • When using a time delay for SureReceipts delivery, weekends and holidays are no longer considered. For example, if you use a three-day delay, and the report was completed on Friday, the report won’t be delivered until Tuesday.
  • Now you can use Quicklists to easily add multiple email addresses in the Additional Notification Recipients field.
  • We’ve corrected an issue that could cause a blank white screen when entering credit card information.
  • In the Payments Summary window, you will now see the vendor who completed the order instead of the Admin’s name.
  • Considering EAD doesn’t allow overrides on new report submissions to an existing loan, we needed to change the submission process a little. So, when submitting a revised report to EAD, you’ll no longer have the option to request overrides.

Mercury Network - Fee Panel

  • You can once again delete your notes on a vendor's profile.
  • Now you can use special characters and add line breaks when entering notes in a vendor’s profile. This is especially handy if you’re copying/pasting notes from somewhere else.
  • When reviewing your AMC/Firm fee panel, we no longer list companies by state and instead group them by their vendor type.


  • A Submission Status Report (SSR) for UCDP will now show in the Attach Client documents section if it’s not set to automatically sync to the VMP XSite order. This way, you have the opportunity to perform more quality checking or other tasks before sending the final SSR to the client.

Mercury Network - Client Portal

  • The name and zip code are no longer required for orders with a payment method of Deferred CC.
  • Now you can use Quicklists to easily add multiple email addresses in the Additional Notification Recipients field.

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January 2017 Update

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The Big Picture

This document details the changes for the Mercury Network update, released 01/2017.

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