Release Notes

Mercury Network 3.0 – May 16, 2017 Update

This update contains enhancements throughout Mercury Network.

Mercury Network - Order management

  • We’ve added QuickLists to the Property access Notes field on the RealCondition Report order form so you can quickly add instructions you commonly use.
  • An invoice is now attached to the order when an OptiVal AVM Cascade or RealCondition Report is completed.
  • We’ve fixed an issue during manual assignment where the status updates to Reassigned but the vendor was not notified of the order.

Mercury Network - Mercury Mobile

  • Appraisers can now accept an order using Mercury Mobile when a checking account is being used as the primary payment method.

Mercury Network - Commercial

  • When a commercial bidding order is awarded to an appraiser, then cancelled prior to it being accepted, all active bid vendors will be sent a cancelled notification.
  • When you add new vendors to a current commercial bid order, the transaction fee responsibility now follows the bid order settings instead of automatically requiring the new vendors to pay the transaction fee.

Mercury Network - VMP XSites

  • Borrower payments from the make a payment page can now be deposited to the lender's account for orders assigned to an appraiser or to the AMC's account for AMC assignments.
  • When an order is marked Complete from In QC, we now combine all attachments and send them in one notification, rather than sending a separate notification for each attached document.
  • When the client group invoice settings are different from the global settings, making a change to a client group no longer resets the invoice numbering sequence back to its starting number.
  • Our BytePro integration has been upgraded so your customers may now choose Open Mercury Order which will automatically log them into the selected VMP Client order. We also send BytePro three new fields from the appraisal report: Appraised Value, Year Built and Number of Units, so your customers do not have to review the appraisal to view this information.

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May 16, 2017 Update

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  • Updated: 5/16/2017

The Big Picture

This document details the changes for the Mercury Network update, released 05/16/2017.

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