Release Notes

Mercury Network 3.0 – October 4, 2017 Update

This update contains enhancements throughout Mercury Network. See the blog post here.

New Features

  • Estimated due date in Review Bid
    The Estimated due date for an appraiser’s bid is now calculated and shown in the Review bids screen for both residential and commercial bid orders.
  • New order information available to your clients
    The recently-released order information fields for Inspection type, Value Conditions, Value Method, Types of Value and Market Analysis are now available in the VMP Client portal.

Mercury Network - Bidding

  • Now, the audit trail will include the note which was automatically sent to appraisers who were not awarded a bid.
  • All users with permissions to manage an order can now update the bid due date.
  • An awarded bid order can now be duplicated and assigned to the same vendor.

Mercury Network - Order Details

  • Duplicating an order which was originally assigned to an AMC then assigning the new order to an appraiser now uses the correct vendor selection settings.
  • We corrected an error which caused salient information from a delivered appraisal to be improperly populated in Mercury Network.

Mercury Network - Vendor Selection

  • Inspection products can now be assigned to vendors who provide either residential appraisal or inspection services.

Doc Details

October 4, 2017 Update

  • Document 7587
  • Updated: 10/4/2017

The Big Picture

This document details the changes for the Mercury Network update, released 10/4/2017.

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