Release Notes

Mercury Network 3.0 - July 31, 2018 Update

This update contains enhancements throughout Mercury Network.

Mercury Network - New Features

  • State sales tax will be collected based on the zip code of the paying party in the states of Connecticut, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Utah and Washington. See the FAQ for more information.

Mercury Network - Order Management

  • When an order is automatically assigned to an appraiser who is not the account administrator for the vendor account, the audit trail properly shows the assigned appraiser.

Mercury Network - Commercial

  • Commercial orders out for bid that have been placed on hold now appear in the Open Bid Orders folder.

Mercury Network - Vendors

  • Entry fields for a vendor's profile no longer allow non-printable characters to be entered, which avoids potential issues when the information is read in other areas of Mercury Network.

Mercury Network - VMP XSites

  • When new clients are only given the Permitted to place orders via integration permission, those clients are now properly saved.
  • When RealView Bridge is turned on for a client group, it will now work even if the feature is turned off globally for the account.
  • When a user attempts a credit card payment with an incorrect billing zip code, they'll now see a message letting them know about the zip code error.

Doc Details

July 31, 2018 Update

  • Document 7607
  • Updated: 07/30/2018

The Big Picture

This document details the changes for the Mercury Network update, released 7/31/2018.

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