Release Notes

Mercury Network 3.0 - August 14, 2018 Update

This update contains enhancements within Mercury Network. See the blog post here.

Mercury Network - Xcelerator

  • When Xcelerator sends notifications to the property contact, the originator's company name will now be used if available, instead of the name of the person who ordered the appraisal. This should reduce confusion on the part of the property contact.

Mercury Network - Vendors

  • An issue was causing backslashes to appear in the vendor name if quotation marks were entered in the vendor's name field. Now, any quotes entered in the vendor's name field will appear, rather than backslashes.

Doc Details

August 14, 2018 Update

  • Document 7608
  • Updated: 08/13/2018

The Big Picture

This document details the changes for the Mercury Network update, released 8/14/2018.

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