Release Notes

Mercury Network 3.0 - August 28, 2018 Update

This update contains enhancements within Mercury Network. See the blog post here.

Mercury Network - New Features

  • UCDP automatic submission now includes form type
    You've always been able to set up automatic submission to the UCDP by loan type. Now you can choose the loan type and form type when deciding which appraisals should be automatically submitted.
  • My Columns enhancement
    There are two new columns you can add in the Order Management view to quickly stay up to date about order status. Last Updated by will show you who last updated the order (a team member or the vendor), while Last commented will inform you who last sent a message, left a note, or sent an Action required comment.

Mercury Network - VMP XSites

  • If you are not using QC folders and you've asked us to set up your account so it automatically sends to additional recipients when the order is completed by the appraiser, you may have noticed the report isn't always sent. We have identified the issue and made a fix so these reports will be sent consistently.

Mercury Network - Commercial

  • When a commercial order is cancelled, we issue a refund for the transaction fee, just as with other orders. However, you may still owe the appraiser a trip fee for work already done, so you need to change the fee on the cancelled order. Previously, this resulted in an error, but we've corrected the issue so you may now update the fee on the cancelled order without any issues.

Mercury Network - Vendors

  • Vendors can now save their profile when they update their insurance information to show E&O is not required.

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August 28, 2018 Update

  • Document 7609
  • Updated: 08/28/2018

The Big Picture

This document details the changes for the Mercury Network update, released 8/28/2018.

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