Release Notes

Mercury Network 3.0 - July 17, 2019 Update

This update contains enhancements within Mercury Network. See the blog post here.

New Features

  • Use a "friendly" name for deliveries to the borrower
    To improve the borrower's experience, you can now configure any Client Group to use a "friendly" company name when the appraisal is delivered to the borrower via SureReceipts. By using a recognizable company name, you're helping reinforce your (or your client's) identity and maintaining consistency for the borrower.
    For client groups where no friendly name is configured, or for those who don't use VMP XSites, the assigned user's company name will be used, and if that info isn't available, the account admin's company name will be used.

Mercury Network - Order Management

  • In cases when an order was manually assigned, expired, and was then automatically reassigned to another vendor, the original vendor's name still appeared on the invoice. This has been corrected so that the name of the new vendor will be shown, as intended.

Mercury Network - General

  • There was an issue which prevented invoices from being created in Business Management, but this has been resolved.
  • To improve originators' experience when placing and managing orders, performance enhancements were made to the Orders page in the VMP client portal which will improve the amount time it takes to load the page.

Doc Details

  • July 17, 2019
  • Document 7631
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