Mercury Network Transaction Fee


Beginning January 7, 2013, a transaction fee will be charged for each order accepted via the Mercury Network. There will be no transaction fees charged to lenders and AMCs placing orders through Mercury Network as long as they have not previously chosen to pay the fee. If applicable, Mercury Network transaction fees for orders that were accepted during any given day will be charged to the credit card on your account each evening, and will appear on a single invoice for that day.

Note: If the Mercury Network transaction fee is applicable, a credit card must be on your account in order to place Mercury Network appraisal orders.
  1. Click here to sign in and go directly to your Mercury Network account.


    If you weren't taken directly to the Mercury Network payments section, click Account in the top toolbar.

  2. In the Payment information section, select New Card.  Then, fill out all of the required fields for the Billing information, along with the Card type, Card number, and Expiration date fields.

  3. When you're finished, click Finish.  Then, click OK on the confirmation message.

That's it!  At this point, you should see the card information listed as Stored.

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