Release Notes

Mercury Network 3.0 – December 06, 2010

This update contains improvements throughout Mercury Network and Appraiser XSites.  Also, a new Clients view has been added for VMP XSite users.

Mercury Network Fee Panel

  • New Feature: Customers can now view and manage the entire list of appraisers assigned to specific Order Groups.
  • The scrollbar in the Fee Panel Builder now appears in Internet Explorer 6.

Mercury Network Order Management  

  • New Feature: Orders can now be found by the employee assigned to manage that order.  To add this field to your search criteria, click on the Search Options button from Orders.
  • New Feature: When Resuming an order that is currently On Hold or Delayed, customers can now enter an updated due date from the Resume status. 
  • New Feature: Because not all appraisers set the Inspection Scheduled or Inspection Complete events, Mercury Network customers can now add these items to orders on behalf of appraisers. 
  • New Feature: Mercury Network customers can now add a Delayed status to an order.
  • New Feature: When an order is created or reassigned, Mercury Network will now prompt with a list of recent appraisals that have been either completed or assigned recently.  This should help identify duplicate appraisal assignments as well as help identify near-by appraisals that are in progress or have been completed.
  • An issue was fixed that could prevent users from deleting documents even with the permission to Manage Other Users’ Orders
  • The Order Details screen was adjusted to better handle large numbers of documents.

Mercury Network Notifications   

  • The Conditions Declined e-mail notification now shows the correct From: address.
  • The fax notification setting, for new Mercury Network accounts, is now turned off by default.

Mercury Network User Management

The workflow of assigning the Manage Other Users’ Orders permission has been improved.

Mercury Network Calyx Integration

An issue has been corrected that could cause a new order form to be shown instead of the existing order details when opening the Mercury Network from Calyx while another browser window is open.

VMP XSites

  • New Feature:  A new Clients area is now visible inside Mercury Network which replaces the Contacts area inside the VMP XSite. This area is where customers will add new contacts and companies, as well as, configure order routing, fee tables, and client groups.
  • New Feature:  Customers can now customize how orders are routed to employees from the new Clients area.  All orders from an individual client can automatically be assigned to a specific employee or can be rotated amongst multiple employees using the new Order Routing feature.
  • New Feature:  Customers can now create Client Groups which is an advanced feature allowing very specific control to each individual client placing orders on a VMP XSite.  A client group can be used to control the lender name and address that auto populates the order form, the Order Group assigned to the appraiser order which in essence assigns a mini-fee panel to an order, the way the order assignment will be routed to your employees, and acceptable payment methods for all group members.  Client groups can also be used to grant specific permissions and notification settings per client which gives you several different combinations of options such as making an order read-only to a specific user or only sending certain types of notifications to a specific user.   Contact our Client Relations department here for a walk-through of this new, very advanced feature.
  • The ability to manage the VMP XSite settings is no longer a default permission for a subaccount.  Rights to manage this area can now be granted as a permission in the User Management section.
  • An issue was resolved that could cause advanced field validation to not work properly on customized order forms.
  • Invoices tied to orders entered by a specific user can now be managed by that user without requiring rights to all invoices.
  • Notifications are now sent to the XSite client when an appraisal is delivered to the borrower and read by the borrower.
  • Corrected an issue where the status notification to the XSite client was always coming from the admin XSite user even if a sub-account set the status.

Appraiser XSites

  • Appraisers can no longer cancel an order that has already been completed.
  • Corrected an issue where sometimes the client name was visible to the appraiser on a double blind order prior to accepting the order.


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December 2010 Update

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The Big Picture

This document details the changes for Mercury Network, released 12/06/2010.