Release Notes

Mercury Network 3. 0 — March 27, 2012 Update

This update contains improvements throughout Mercury Network and VMP XSites.

New Feature: QuickBooks Integration for VMP XSite Owners

Customers using a VMP XSite will now be able to integrate their accounts receivable (invoices to their clients) and accounts payable directly into their QuickBooks account. There's some setup involved. Click here to learn more or e-mail to schedule a time to walk through the feature.

New Feature: BytePro Integration for Lenders Using Mercury Network

For lenders that use both Mercury Network and the BytePro Loan Origination Software, we have a new integration. Start your orders from BytePro and synchronize all events between the two systems – including the completed appraisal and UCDP documents. Click here for more information or here for the instructions to contact our Client Relations team.

New Feature: Improved MDIA Disclosure Tracking

VMP XSite owners now have the option of only tracking MDIA disclosure dates for specific clients by enabling/disabling the tracking by client group. Also, when MDIA disclosure tracking is required, orders without disclosure dates or orders where the disclosure date has not expired will no longer show up in the Requires Assignment queue. This feature is turned off by default for customers. To enable it, visit the VMP XSite options under the Preferences menu and click on Configure Order Form.

New Feature: RealEC Integration Now Automatically Sends to Borrower

If you're a VMP XSite customer getting orders via the RealEC integration, you can now enable a feature that will automatically send a copy of the appraisal to the borrower once the appraisal has passed UCDP. You can setup this feature including the e-mail template text by going to Connection Settings under the Preferences menu.

New Feature: Default UCDP Business Unit by Client Group

VMP XSite owners can now configure default Business Units by Client Group. This will help out by making sure the correct Business Unit is selected for each lender when submitting appraisals to UCDP.

New Products

Due to demand, we've added the following products to Mercury Network: Appraisal Update/Inspection of Repairs (FNMA 1004D), Comparable Rent Schedule w/ Operating Income Statement (1007 and 216), Real Estate Value Estimate (RVE), Single Family FHA Investment w/ Comparable Rent Schedule (1004 and 1007), Condo FHA Investment w/ Comparable Rent Schedule (1073 and 1007), Exterior Only Investment w/ Comparable Rent Schedule (2055 and 1007), Exterior Only Investment (2055, 1007, 216), Exterior Only Condo Investment w/ Comparable Rent Schedule (1075 and 1007), Exterior Only Condo Investment (1075, 1007, and 216). We notified appraisers of these products, but it would also be helpful to send a notice to your fee panel if you plan to use one of these products to make sure you have coverage.

Mercury Network — Order Management

  • Duplicating an order and assigning it to the same vendor will no longer retain the fee from the original order.
  • The 'Modify Selection Setting' option is now available when placing orders through Calyx, which allows XML requirement to be changed on a per order basis.
  • The updated appraisal will now be sent to UCDP when a new report has been uploaded and the intial submission to UCDP failed.
  • Vendors, who have never provided a product, will now display correctly in search results.
  • The deleted filter will now show the correct number of orders when logged in as a sub user.
  • Property addresses containing & (ampersand) now display correctly.
  • Sending an override request to UCDP now requires a reason to be selected.
  •  Selecting 'Other' as a UCDP override request now requires comments to be entered.
  • The "Appraised Value" will now transfer from the completed appraisal to Calyx Point.
  • To increase performance, certain accounts with a large number of completed or cancelled orders will no longer see the total count displayed next to these folders. However, all the orders will still be available within the folders.

Mercury Network — DataCourier

Ability to add a vendor e-mail address and request a revision is now available on appraisals uploaded using New DataCourier File.

Mercury Network — Notifications

The notification sent to vendors when an order has been cancelled now uses the correct template.

Mercury Network — Users

Corrected a problem which prevented giving order management rights to a subaccount when there are over 125 subaccounts.

Mercury Network — Vendors

  • Selecting State/County coverage when using Internet Explorer 9 now works correctly with compatibility mode.
  • An issue has been corrected that caused fax notifications to be sent when a fax number was present, even if the option was not selected.

VMP XSites

  • It's now possible to choose to sync the Revision Requested status to the VMP XSite.
  • Corrected an issue which would cause orders not to display in Mercury Network if they were placed to an XSite user associated to a deleted Mercury Network user.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented orders older than 90 days from displaying in search results in the Client Login area.
  • Improved the load time of the Client Login area for XSites with large numbers of orders.

Appraiser XSites

  • Fixed an issue which prevented users from setting up State/County coverage when using Internet Explorer 9.
  • Orders can no longer be edited before they are accepted.
  • Editing license information should now work correctly with all browsers.

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March 2012 Update

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The Big Picture

This document details the changes for Mercury Network, released 03/27/2012.

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