Release Notes

Mercury Network 3. 0 – May 16, 2013 Update

This update contains improvements throughout the Mercury Network and VMP XSites product suite.

Note: All current Internet Explorer 10 issues are resolved with this update.

New Mercury Network feature: Quality and professionalism ratings

Now, your employees can use the Mercury Network software to rate and track both the quality of a vendor's work and the vendor's professionalism. With this feature, a click of a button allows your employees to record their experience with the vendor, store it for future reference, and use it when determining future vendor assignments. The ability to rate vendors can be locked down to specific employees, such as quality control staff or managers. Each rating is completely determined by you, based on your own criteria. This option gives office staff an easy way to share information about their own unique experience with a vendor. All ratings are kept private and are used only inside your organization. To start using the new ratings, simply enable the permission inside User Management.  From there, you'll see the new ratings pod inside each of the order details.

New Mercury Network feature: Updated Vendor Selection Settings

The Selection Weighting Factor area has been changed to a 5-star rating system. Now, you can designate ideal performance requirements for Turn Time and Proximity to Subject, and those options have been added to the Selection Weighting Factors. You can now require or prefer that vendors have a minimum rating as well as a minimum amount of years of experience in order to be considered for an assignment. Your customized weighting factors are automatically run against each of your vendors with every order, resulting in a unique star rating for each vendor so you can quickly and easily narrow your panel down to the very best vendors on a per-assignment basis. All current settings will be migrated to the new system. To take advantage of the new settings added with the update, visit the Vendor Selection Settings area under the Preferences menu.  For a full walkthrough of the new ratings features, click here.

New Mercury Network feature: More power for your "Action Required" folder

Since we released the Action Required folder, your feedback has been tremendous. With this update, we've added two features that will make it even more valuable. First, when viewing an order, you'll now quickly see which item in the audit trail triggered the order to be in your Action Required folder. Second, once you resolve the issue, you can quickly remove the order from your "Action Required" folder from inside "Order Details" with just a click.

Action Required is a great way to get out of e-mail and let your software automatically compile a folder that includes all the orders that need your attention. To streamline your daily workflow and get started with your Action Required folder, click on the Gear icon next to the "Action Required" folder.

New Mercury Network feature: Select employees to manage orders

Now when entering an order, you will be able to assign the order to a specific employee. They'll automatically receive an e-mail that they have a new order to manage.

New VMP XSites feature: Void credit card transactions

For those of you using a VMP XSite, our public-facing appraisal ordering website product, you will now have the ability to void credit card transactions before the nightly credit card settlement occurs. This will come in handy if you've charged a card but need to issue a refund within the same business day the charge is processed. If you void a transaction before settlement, the funds will be released from the cardholder's account, and the charge will not occur.

New VMP XSites feature: Customize contact details

The VMP XSite Client Portal already includes the ability to customize the order form that's displayed to your clients. Now, you can customize the contact methods you require when your clients/brokers enter an order. For instance, if you always need the borrower's e-mail address, this information can now be required. In order to use this new feature, visit the Configure Order Form section inside the Preferences/VMP XSite menu.

Note: This feature only works with the new client login, which can also be enabled from the same VMP XSite Preferences area. It does not work with the legacy XSite client login. If you are not using the new client login, we recommend migrating to it as soon as possible. The legacy system will be discontinued on November 30, 2013. For more information about the new client login, please contact Client Relations by clicking the Contact Support option while logged into Mercury Network.

Mercury Network – Order Management

  • When an automatic reassignment fails, the audit trail will now contain more information detailing why the assignment failed.
  • Corrected an issue where the right to manage orders wasn't inherited by staff whenever a new user was created.
  • The vendor's proximity to subject is now shown on the Auto Assignment Approval screen with the vendor's other information.
  • Corrected an issue where the grid of all orders isn't displayed correctly when using certain versions of the Chrome browser.
  • An Appointment Contact field has been added to the order form so the appropriate contact can be specified. Customers should use this new option to select which person the vendor needs to contact to schedule an inspection.
  • Users now have the ability to synch documents to the VMP XSite order when uploading from the Mercury Network order.
  • Tool tips that are shown when holding your mouse cursor over sync icons in Order History will appropriately display who synced vendor generated events.
  • Action Required will now filter orders based off of the most current Revision Needed status when the Revision requested over X hours ago rule is active.
  • Corrected all issues customers experienced when managing and placing orders using the Internet Explorer 10 browser running on Windows 7.
  • The subject line that is populated when the Get Help feature is used has been updated to automatically include the order's tracking number, which is automatically added to the support ticket, allowing the client relations representative to research the issue prior to contacting the customer.
  • When an order is duplicated, the Internal Order # (VMP Order #) will no longer be carried over to the new order.
  • To prevent incorrect information from being saved, the same order can no longer be edited in multiple browser windows opened on the same computer simultaneously.
  • The Delayed option when using Action Required filter has been renamed to Delayed by Vendor and only applies to delayed statuses that were set by the vendor.
  • All By Client options have been removed from the Action Required settings. Only status events generated by the vendor will filter orders into Action Required. In an upcoming update, we will add an Action Required folder to the VMP XSite that will handle all Client generated events.
  • Editing an order will no longer flag an order as Action Required.
  • Payment methods are no longer carried over when an order is duplicated.

Mercury Network – Preferences

Product requirements for the USDA Appraisal (FNMA 1004) now save correctly.

Mercury Network – Fee Panel

Corrected an issue with the display of the warning flags next to vendors with incomplete profiles when the customer selects the Contact Vendor option.

Mercury Network – Clients

Corrected a java script error when a contact is edited through 'Clients' and the changes are saved.

Mercury Network – Send to Borrower

Updated instructional text that is shown to the borrower when downloading appraisal reports to make it easier to understand.

Mercury Network – Notifications

  • Mercury Network – Notifications
  • Orders which have had a Revision Request Cancelled status added that were previously Completed will no longer incorrectly appear as an open order in the Daily Order Summary notification.
  • The Revision Needed reminders will now be sent when a revision is requested on an order that is more than 30 days past due.
  • Corrected an issue that would cause order managers to receive notifications for specific events even when the notification had been disabled under the Managed Orders notification settings inside User Management.
  • Order reminder notifications will no longer be sent once the vendor has set the Inspection Scheduled status until 48 hours after the inspection date has passed.

VMP XSites

  • Added Client Name, Company Name, and Ordered By to Business Management search options.
  • Business Management is now completely compatible with Internet Explorer 10 when installed on a machine running Windows 7.
  • When syncing statuses to Mercury on orders that are assigned to another user, Order History will accurately show who performed the sync.
  • Viewing UCDP submission statuses via the View Results link in Order History on RealEC orders will now work properly in VMP XSites.
  • UCDP results from RealEC integrated orders will now close properly when all rules have already been overridden or if the submission was successful.
  • When the client sets On Hold, Delayed, or Resumed statuses, the correct notification will now be sent to the vendor if the status is synced to the Mercury Network order.

VMP Client Portal (In Beta)

  • If an FHA, USDA or Reverse Mortgage product is selected the client will now be required to select a loan type that matches the product.
  • Corrected an issue that would allow clients to enter credit cards with invalid expiration dates.
  • The links provided to clients in notifications will now correctly direct to the new Client Portal if the customer has enabled this option.

Vendor Portal

  • Corrected an issue that incorrectly applied a date range when searching for an order.
  • Attempting to change a username to an e-mail address that is already in use will now properly explain that the specified username cannot be used.
  • Corrected an issue that would cause the vendor to receive an error when editing their license from the Professional section of the vendor's profile.
  • Orders that require the appraisal report to be delivered through a plugin can no longer be completed by attaching the report to the order.

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