BlitzDocs Integration


Our partnership with Xerox Mortgage Services has resulted in a direct integration to their BlitzDocs product.  If you have a BlitzDocs account, you can now automatically send appraisals and UCDP documentation directly to your BlitzDocs folder, automatically or manually.  It’s a huge advantage for your workflow when you use the BlitzDocs intelligent collaborative network to accelerate loans through their lifecycle.

Note: If this is your first time using BlitzDocs integration, please contact Bryan Young at before sending any documents to your eFolder that are associated with Mercury Network.

Click Preferences, then Connection Settings to get to the BlitzDocs configuration for your Mercury Network account.

Select the types of files to be automatically pushed to your eFolder:

You can manually send a document to BlitzDocs by opening the order, clicking Set Order Status and choosing Send to BlitzDocs.


Note: After documents are pushed to BllitzDocs, there is generally a short period where they are pending and then accepted.  In other words, it's not a real time operation.  While documents are waiting to be accepted, their status is reflected in the documents list.


BlitzDocs Options in the Orders Grid

When BlitzDocs features are enabled on your Mercury Network account, you area are also able to see which reports have been pushed to BlitzDocs via a column on the right side of the order grid.

Likewise, in the document area, you are shown if a document is pending, was accepted or was rejected.  When documents are rejected, be sure to check the loan number on them and make sure there is a corresponding file in your BlitzDocs account.

BlitzDocs Pending


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