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There are two methods used to track down an order: Search and Filters.  Searching for the order is the most direct way to find it if you have specific information available pertaining to the order that can be used to enter as search criteria.  If you don't have any specific details, sort the orders based on the order status by using filters.


Search for Orders

To search for an order using unique order information:

  1. Log into your Mercury Network account.
  2. In the Orders view, type the search criteria into the Find box on the left side of the screen.

    Find Order

  3. Select the appropriate radio button to search for an item that Starts With or simply Contains your search criteria.
  4. Using the In Field drop-down, select the field in which you'd like to search.
  5. In the Placed field, choose the time frame in which you'd like to search.
  6. In the Orders field, choose the type of orders you'd like to search (All, Unpaid or Paid).
  7. After you've made your selections, click the Magnifying Glass icon (  ) or press Enter to execute your search.

    Changing Search Defaults

    When searching orders, there are default values in the In Field and Placed drop-down boxes.  For faster searching, you can change what these fields are set to by default.  To set new defaults for the drop-down fields:

    1. Click the gear icon (  ) to the right of the In Field drop-down box.
    2. In the window that appears, several options are available that pertain to finding orders:
      • In the Field Default drop-down, choose which option should be chosen by default.
      • In the Placed Default drop-down, choose which search option should be chosen by default.
      • Under Show the following as available fields:, choose the items to appear as options in the In Field drop-down.

        Search Options

    3. When you've made your selections, click Save.


    Filter Orders

    To filter your orders based on their current status, click the appropriate filter folder on the left side of your Orders list.  When you select one of these folders a list of all orders that match that order status of that filter is displayed.


    List of Order Filters

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