My Columns


You can choose which columns are displayed in the order view, as well as the order in which they appear. Plus, you can display a different set of columns for each status folder. Here's how:

  1. On the toolbar, click My columns.
  2. In the window that appears, there are several options:
    • Use the top drop-down list to select which folder group or folder you'd like to customize.
      1. Selecting a group will customize all the folders in that group at one time. For example, selecting UCDP will customize the UCDP Submitted, UCDP Failed and UCDP Not Accepted folders.
      2. To customize a specific folder, just select that folder from the drop down. You can have a completely different set of columns in a unique order for each status folder.
    • To pick your custom items, just click on an item from the Available columns list, then, drag and drop it into the Displayed columns list.
    • Order your displayed items by clicking on the item and drag it up or down in the list.
    • To remove a displayed item, simply double-click on the item or drag and drop it back to the Available columns list.
    • If you prefer, you may select 1 or more items and use the arrow keys to move items between lists or change the display order.
    • You may also reset your order view to their default items:
      1. Click Reset widths to set each column width back to the original size.
      2. Click Load defaults to revert your customized columns back to Mercury's original columns for this folder.
    • Click Save to apply the changes you've made to your columns.
    • Click Close to close this window and return to the order view.


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