Top 10 Vendors Map


If you're not in double-blind mode and automatic order-assignment is turned off, you'll need to manually select the vendor to be assigned to your order - whether it's a new order or one you're reassigning. So, we've provided some tools to make sure the vendor you choose is the right one for the job.

As you select your vendor, to the right you'll see a map with blue push-pins that indicate the location of vendors in proximity to the subject address for your order.

You can click the Expand icon in the upper-right of the map to see a larger view.


There are a few details that you'll need to know when using this feature.

Top Ranked

The 10 blue push-pins on the map represent the top 10 vendors in the list on the left. Use the following tabs to see different groups of available vendors.

Panel tabs

Based on the tab you choose, the list on the left will display available vendors, and the top-ranked vendor map will show push-pins for the first 10 vendors in the list.

In some cases, you might not see 10 vendors on the map. There are a few possible reasons:

Now, using the top-ranked vendor map, you can do a few different things.

Top Ranked Map

When you're hovering over a vendor to whom you've assigned orders in the past, the Your History with This Vendor section will display data based on your transactions with that vendor. This history includes all the transactions with this vendor by your company, so it may include data from other Mercury Network users within your organization.

Here's a description of the information you'll see:


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