User Passwords


Admin users

In the Users view, if you're the account admin or have the Add/manage User Accounts permission enabled, you'll see a list of users on the left.
Any user with a grayed out profile icon to the left of the name indicates the user has not yet agreed to the End User License Agreement, and is not yet active.
You can click any user (including yourself) to manage their information and settings.

When you select a user, their information will be populated in the Contact Information section on the right. Here, you'll see a cog icon to the right of the Password field. Click it to access the user's security options.

In the Security options window, you'll see several options to manage the selected user's password:

Non-admin users

If you don't have permission to add or manage users, you'll still be able to manage your own password.

  1. In Mercury, click Profile at the top.
  2. In your Profile, click the cog icon next to your password:
  3. Now, you can see your latest activity, your account status, and if there is a password expiration coming up.
    You can also update your password. Just enter you current password, then enter and confirm the new password in the Update password section.
    If you'd like to view the passwords you just entered (to check for spelling) click Show passwords in the bottom-left.
  4. If you changed your password, be sure to click Save to keep your new one.

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