Create a CSV Import File


To create a CSV file (comma-separated values) file you can use to import a list of vendors into your fee panel:

  1. Download the sample CSV file at
  2. Edit the sample file with a program like Excel. Since CSV files are nothing more than lines of text values separated by commas, you can even use a text editor if you prefer.
  3. Remove the sample data and type the list of vendors into the appropriate fields (FirstName, LastName, etc). Be sure that you only list one vendor per row and that you do NOT add any columns beyond what are currently in the sample file.
  4. Save the file. If you're warned about saving in the CSV format instead of the native Excel format, be sure to click Yes to save in CSV format anyway.

Once your CSV file is complete, upload it to Mercury Network to import the list of appraisers into your fee panel.

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