Fee Panel


Fee Panel

Your Mercury Network "fee panel" is your organization's favorite appraisers list. There are several ways you can create your fee panel:

  1. Hand pick AMCs, appraisal firms, appraisers, agents, and inspectors that you would like to add to your fee panel.
  2. Select from a list of qualified Mercury Network appraisers based on criteria you provide.
  3. Import a list of preferred appraisers from a CSV file (comma-separated values) you create in Excel or a similar program. Vendors on a fee panel have the option to auto-accept all orders from that fee panel.

In the fee panel, you'll find a tab for your appraiser and agent vendors, as well as one for AMCs and appraisal firms. They are both very similar, with a couple of notable differences:

There are a couple of settings you can control here without even opening a vendor's profile:

If you want to see a vendor's profile, click the profile icon or the staff vendor profile icon . Supervisor appraisers are indicated with a blue icon and supervising staff appraisers with a blue outline


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