Hand Picking Vendors


To select specific vendors that you wish to add to your fee panel...

  1. Log into your Mercury account and click Fee Panel.

    Fee Panel

  2. Click Add on the toolbar.
    • In the screen that appears, type an e-mail address and/or phone number for the vendor you want to add to your fee panel.
      Add Appraiser to Fee Panel dialog
  3. Click Next.
  4. Place a check to the left of any vendor you wish to add to your fee panel. Then, click Add.

To remove a vendor from your fee panel at any time, select the vendor in your Fee Panel tab and click Remove in the top toolbar.

Adding AMC/Firms

Adding an AMC/Firm is almost exactly like adding an individual appraiser. However, during the process, you'll send them an invitation which they'll need to accept before you can assign any orders to them. There's another consideration when removiing an AMC/Firm from your fee panel: If you remove an AMC/Firm, you'll need to re-invite them if you intend to assign future orders to them. If you think it's a possibility you'll use an AMC/Firm again, consider adding them to your Ineligible vendors list.

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