Contact Fee Panel Appraisers


At times you may want to contact one or more of your fee panel vendors to notify them about process changes not related to any specific order. Mercury Network provides a way for the Mercury administrator on your account (not for your loan originators) to contact the vendors on your fee panel independently from an order. To do so...

  1. In Mercury Network, click Fee Panel at the top.
  2. Click the Appraiser/Agent fee panel or the AMC/Firm fee panel to see the vendor you intend to contact.
  3. Click to select the vendors you want to contact. To select multiple vendors, hold down the Ctrl or Shift keys while you click.
  4. In the top toolbar, click Contact vendor.
  5. In the window that appears, use the editor to rewrite the e-mail as you see fit. To use placeholders for your contact information or for the appraiser's information, use the My Fields and Contact Fields drop-down menus respectively.
  6. When finished, click Send to send your message.

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