Use QuickList entries


Using your QuickList entries is quick and easy — significantly increasing the speed of your order management.  Keep in mind that you must add QuickList entries first, if you haven't already done so.

To use the QuickList entries you've already added:

  1. Move your cursor over the field where you want to use the QuickList entry.  When you do, you'll see the QuickList icon ( QuickList icon ) appear in the upper right corner of the field.  When you see the icon, click it.

    QuickList Button

  2. When the QuickList window appears, click any entry to select it.  You'll know that it's selected when the checkmark is on.  Keep in mind: you can select multiple QuickList entries.

    Use QuickList Item

  3. When you've selected the QuickList entry you want to use, click the Use button.

Now, you're returned to the field where you started and the field is populated with the QuickList data you selected.  To add additional QuickList items, repeat these steps to append additional text.


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