Adding a file to DataCourier


You can upload any document to DataCourier so you can use our integrated compliance tools on it, regardless of its origin.


If you don’t have a Mercury Network account, you’ll need to get one to upload files to DataCourier.  It’s free.  Click here to create an account and get your secure login and password.


To upload an appraisal to DataCourier:

  1. Log into Mercury Network.
  2. Click the DataCourier button at the top.
  3. Click New File on the toolbar and choose Upload XML or Upload PDF:

    New DataCourier File

  4. When the Upload New DataCourier File window opens, click Upload report file and select the XML or PDF file you want to upload.

    • If you’re uploading a PDF, you’ll see a form prompting you for some report information.  Red asterisk fields are mandatory, and you should fill in as many fields as possible since DataCourier uses this data to give you a more complete view of each uploaded file.  When you’re finished, click Create file.

  5. Now, the file is accessible in the appraisal list - easily identified by the address, date/time, and other details visible in the columns. Double-click the file to view appraisal details and manage the report.

Uploading Revised files

If you're uploading a report that matches a DataCourier file with a pending revision request, DataCourier automatically prompts you for a decision.

New file

Here are the options:

Going forward, if you intend to upload a revised file, click here for instructions.

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