Using AQM in DataCourier


To use AQM in DataCourier:

  1. While viewing a DataCourier file's details, click the Start AQM button on the toolbar.

  2. After you click Start AQM, you're prompted to choose which modules you'd like to order.  To receive only an AQI Report, unmark the option for QC Module.
    • AQI - The Appraisal Quality Index automatically creates a report that details possible concerns from the appraisal report.
    • QC Module - The QC Module allows you to manually review possible issues in the appraisal report, and relay revisions to your vendor.  For more information on the QC Module, click here.
    • Platinum Data RealView® - This integration will allow you to send reports to Platinum Data RealView to generate, review, and attach a RealView Summary or the full RealView Report to an order directly from DataCourier.

    Note: You'll need a full Mercury Network account to use AQM.  If you don't have a full Mercury Network account you'll be prompted to sign up when you click Start AQM.  Getting a Mercury Network account is fast and easy.
  3. Click OK to acknowledge the transaction fee and submit your report to AQM.

  4. The appraisal report has now been submitted to AQM, where it's being run against the most comprehensive QC rules to date.  The results of this process will be returned shortly.
  5. Once returned, you can access the Results from the entry that is added to the History section in your DataCourier file.

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