DataCourier - QC Module


Using AQM with the QC Module in DataCourier:

  1. While viewing a DataCourier file's details, click the Start AQM button on the toolbar.

  2. After you click Start AQM, you're prompted to choose which modules you'd like to order.  To run the QC Module along with AQI, simply mark the QC Module option.
    • AQI - The Appraisal Quality Index automatically creates a report that details possible concerns from the appraisal report.
    • QC Module - The QC Module allows you to manually review possible issues in the appraisal report, and relay revisions to your vendor.
    • Platinum Data RealView® - Our integration allows you to send reports to Platinum Data RealView to generate, review, and attach a RealView Summary or the full RealView Report to an order directly from DataCourier.

    Acknowledge Payment

    Note: The first ten transactions submitted to AQM are free of charge.  After the first ten, there is a fee for each transaction submitted to AQM which is displayed before each AQM transaction.  You can request changes to the report until you calculate the final index.  If you find you need to make further changes after you calculate the final index you must begin another transaction.
  3. Click OK to acknowledge the transaction fee and submit your report to AQM.

  4. When the results are returned, the order's audit trail is updated with a link to the Preliminary Results.

    Report history update

  5. Click View Results to open the Preliminary Results. From here you can manually request revisions, pass rules, mark rules as incurable, or add comments as necessary.

    View AQM Preliminary Results

  6. After you have requested revisions or passed all of the rules, click Close to proceed.
    • If you have requested any revisions, the Request Revision window appears with revision requests automatically populated.  Clicking Send on this screen will send the revision requests to the vendor and update the order status.

      Set order status

  7. When you’re ready to calculate the final index, re-open the Preliminary Results window from the order history, then click Calculate to submit a request for the final index.

  8. Once the AQI has been created and returned it will be available in your DataCourier file's Docs section under the Documents button.

    The AQI is also available from the View Results link in a newly added event in the History section.

    AQI Results Returned History

That's it!  You now have an Appraisal Quality Index, complete with a comprehensive score.  To learn more about AQM click here.

AQI Results


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