Submit Appraisals to UCDP


Any report in DataCourier's appraisal list can be submitted to UCDP via Mercury Network's direct UCDP connection.


To submit to UCDP, you'll need a free Mercury Network account. If you'd like to start a free Mercury Network account, click here. This will give you access to use all of Mercury Network's advanced tools for ordering and managing appraisals, BPOs, inspections, and more.

If you've already received an appraisal via DataCourier, we recommend you set up your Mercury Network account using the e-mail address where you received the DataCourier appraisal. This will ensure that you can see any appraisals that were delivered to that e-mail address in the last 90 days.


Here's how UCDP submission works:

  1. Double-click the report in DataCourier's appraisal list.
  2. While viewing the appraisal details, click Submit to UCDP.

    Submit to UCDP

  3. In the dialog that appears, you'll need to choose how you'll be submitting to UCDP:

    Submit Dialog

    • Use the Select GSE drop-down to select the GSE(s) to which you intend to submit the appraisal.
    • Use the Business Unit drop-down to choose the Business Unit name with which you intend to submit the appraisal. When you choose a Business Unit, the associated Seller/Servicer Number(s) or Third Party Originator Number(s) will be displayed below so you can confirm that the correct Business Unit was selected.
    • Enter the loan number in the Loan # field. If the loan number is already in the report details, it will be populated for you here.
    • In the Internal Notes field, enter any comments you'd like for your own purposes. These will only be visible within your Mercury Network account; they won't be delivered to the UCDP.
  4. Click Send to submit the appraisal to UCDP.

After Submission

Now, you'll return to the Property Details, and within the next few minutes you'll see some new information about the UCDP submission. Here's what to look for:

  1. In the Docs section on the right, two new buttons will appear: SSR and View Results.
    • Click SSR to download the Submission Summary Report that was returned from the GSE. This is a PDF that you can view or save to your PC.
    • Click View Results to see a comprehensive list of every error returned from UCDP. This is also where you can request an override from UCDP if needed. Click here to learn more about the errors you may see here.


      • When viewing the results of your submission, you'll have the option to immediately request a revision from the appraiser for any errors or warnings returned by the portal. To do so, place a check next to each item you'd like the appraiser to revise, then click OK. A revision request will automatically be generated, and it will contain instructions about each item you checked in the previous window. You can add your own notes here, then click Send to request the revision from the appraiser.

        Request Revision UCDP

        Click here for further help understanding these errors and requesting revisions.

  2. In the History, you'll see several items related to your submission:
    • Current submission status
    • Links to view the results of the submission
    • Links to the Submission Summary Report (SSR) for one or both GSEs
    • Doc File ID
    • Which GSE received the submission
    • Who submitted the appraisal to UCDP
    • All revisions and previous submissions

      DataCourier History

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