Request Revisions


If you need to request a revision to a completed appraisal order:

  1. In Mercury Network, click Completed in the list of order statuses on the left.

    Completed Filter

  2. Find the order in the list of orders and double-click it.
  3. Click Set status in the top toolbar, and select Request revision from the drop-down menu.

    Request Revision

  4. In the screen that appears, type a message explaining the reason you're requesting the revision and then click OK to send the revision request. Since the order has already been completed, you can type a "free-form" message because double-blind rules no longer apply.
  5. If, after you have requested a revision, you determine that it is no longer necessary, you can cancel the revision request. To do so, simply open the order for which you requested a revision, then click Set status and select Cancel revision request. Provide notes for the status change, then click OK to complete the change.

    Cancel Revision Request

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