Resubmit to FHA


When you've received the corrected report from the appraiser, you'll need to submit it to FHA via the EAD portal to receive a successful Submission Summary Report (SSR.) This process is nearly identical to the way you submitted the appraisal the first time.

  1. Log into Mercury Network.
  2. In the Orders view, double-click the appraisal you intend to resubmit. This will open the Order Details.
  3. On the toolbar, click Set status, and choose Submit to FHA.


  4. In the dialog that appears, you'll see that the fields are populated with the information you entered the first time you submitted the appraisal, but you can make changes if you need to.

    Submit Dialog

    • In the Internal Notes field, you have the option to enter any new notes for this submission.
  5. Click Send to submit the appraisal to the EAD portal.

Now, you'll return to the Order Grid, where you'll immediately see one or more events regarding the status of your submission. Click here to find out more about monitoring your submission status.

When you submit the revised appraisal, the new appraisal will replace the previous one in the EAD portal. However, you'll still be able to view each appraisal separately in Mercury Network.


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